New articles in Science: science education

Universe’s First Stars Detected? Get the Facts. read
Carl Zimmer, David Reich Unearths Human History Etched in Bone “In less than three years, Dr. Reich’s laboratory has published DNA from the genomes of 938 ancient humans — more than all other research teams working in this field combined. The work in his lab has reshaped our understanding of human prehistory…..A finger bone from a Siberian cave yielded the genome of a previously unknown lineage of humans called Denisovans, a diverse group who split from Neanderthals roughly 400,000 years ago.” read
Adam Rogers, Julie Muncy, Aarian Marshall, Jason Pontin, Monique Brouillette, Shannon Stirone, Patrick Honner, Robbie Gonzalez, Eric Niiler, oo Much Engineering Has Made Mississippi River Floods Worse read
Rebecca Worby, What Scientists Are Saying About the EPA’s ‘Secret Science’ Rule read
Veronique Greenwood, These Ants Explode, but Their Nests Live to See Another Da read
Carl Zimmer, Bodies Remodeled for a Life at Sea read

New articles in Religion: world religions knowledge

Mary Valle,Male Gods and Massive Media: Religion Runs Free on the Internet read
Michael Sean Winters, Douthat’s Francis book is poorly sourced, inadequate journalism read
7 in 10 young people in the UK are non-religious, new research finds read
Randall Balmer, Billy Graham exemplified what evangelical Christianity could be — and too often was not “Over the course of a public career that lasted more than half a century, no one has credibly charged Graham with scandal.” read
The End of White Christian America: A Conversation with E.J. Dionne and Robert P. Jones (1h 44m) watch
Dalia Fahmy, Christian women in the U.S. are more religious than their male counterparts read
Martin E. Marty, Mormon Moves read
Peter Harrison, ‘I believe because it is absurd’: Christianity’s first meme read
Peter Harrison,, ‘I believe because it is absurd’: Christianity’s first meme “Thereafter, [Voltaire] ‘I believe because it is absurd’ became the standard form of the credo, and it was increasingly applied indiscriminately to all religious belief.” read
Carol Kuruvilla, Researchers Discover Common Thread Between Evangelicals Who Voted For Trump read
Mark Karlin int. Khaled A. Beydoun, Islamophobia Is Structured Into the State read
Ed Kilgore, Evangelicals Have Displaced Catholics As the Anti-Abortion Movement’s Base read
Dalia Fahmy, Key findings about Americans’ belief in God (90% but only 56%in the Biblical God) read
Jared Gilmour, Government vs. God? People are less religious when government is bigger, research says read
Michael Stone, Domestic White Christian Terrorists Convicted In Plot To Bomb Mosque read One of this year’s most talked-about books is Why Liberalism Failed, by the political scientist Patrick Deneen. read
Amy Proulx, Templeton grants read
Julie Zauzmer, The complicated history of ‘In God We Trust’ and other examples Trump gives of American religion read
Martin E. Marty, Our Latino Neighbors read
David Roach, Jesus, Take the Control Wheel: Southwest Pilot Saw Flying as Ministry read
Taylor Berglund and Jessilyn Justice, Banning Liebscher: Why Bill Johnson Didn’t Immediately Shut Down Grave Sucking read

New articles in Human scourges: racism

Steven J. Zipperstein, Anatomy of a [1903] Pogrom, an Excerpt from Steven J. Zipperstein’s New History read
Video of the Week: African American Women and the Struggle for Equality watch
David Reich, How Genetics Is Changing Our Understanding of ‘Race’ “…we are learning that while race may be a social construct, differences in genetic ancestry that happen to correlate to many of today’s racial constructs are real…..Nicholas Wade, a longtime science journalist for The New York Times, rightly notes in his 2014 book, “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History,” that modern research is challenging our thinking about the nature of human population differences. But he goes on to make the unfounded and irresponsible claim that this research is suggesting that genetic factors explain traditional stereotypes. It is important to face whatever science will reveal without prejudging the outcome and with the confidence that we can be mature enough to handle any findings. Arguing that no substantial differences among human populations are possible will only invite the racist misuse of genetics that we wish to avoid.” read
Emily Badger, Claire Cain Miller, Adam Pearce, Kevin Quealy, Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys read
National; Graphic, Elizabeth Kolbert, There’s No Scientific Basis for Race—It’s a Made-Up Label “To an uncomfortable degree we still live with Morton’s legacy: Racial distinctions continue to shape our politics, our neighborhoods, and our sense of self. ….Of course, just because race is “made up” doesn’t make it any less powerful. To a disturbing extent, race still determines people’s perceptions, their opportunities, and their experiences…..To the victims of racism, it’s small consolation to say that the category has no scientific basis. read
John W. Whitehead, America Hasn’t Learned a Thing: Racism, Materialism and Militarism Still Reign Supreme read
Jesse Jackson on Race Relations, Trump and the Right to Vote read
Barack Obama supporters outraged by Bernie Sanders’ ‘deplorable’ attack on Democratic Party on anniversary of Martin Luther King assassination read
Jesse Hagopian, “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable”: Michael Bennett’s Essential New Book read
Nicholas Powers, From Stephon Clark to Voter Suppression, the Attack on Black America Intensifies read
Campbell Robertson,A Lynching Memorial Is Opening. The Country Has Never Seen Anything Like It read
Vanessa Gregory, A Lynching’s Long Shadow read
Dwyer Gunn,, Meet the Researcher Dispelling Old Myths About the Racial Wealth Gap read
Ashley Hackett, A Report to the U.N. Reveals Deep Racial Disparities in America’s Criminal Justice System

New articles in Foreign Policy: US and Syria

Glenn Greenwald on Syria: US and Israel Revving Up War Machine Won’t Help Suffering Syrian Civilians read
Peter Certo, There Was Nothing Humanitarian About Our Strikes on Syria read
tephen Zunes, History Shows Hypocrisy of US Outrage Over Chemical Weapons in Syria read
Finian Cunningham, Trump’s Syria ‘Withdrawal Plan’ is Subcontracting The US’ Dirty Work read
Michael Welch, Airstrikes and Lawsuits: Cui Bono? read

New articles in Foreign Policy: US and Israel

Craig von Buseck, 70 Years After the Miraculous Rebirth of Israel—Here’s What You Need to Know read
Andrea Germanos, Israel’s Admission of 2007 Clandestine Bombing of Syria Contains This Warning: Iran Could Be Next read
Global Research News, Selected Articles: Israel’s Atrocity in Gaza Did Not Make the Headlines read
Ramzy Baroud, The Ghost of Herut: Einstein on Israel, 70 Years Ago read
Grant Smith, How Many Politicians Can You Buy with $6.3 Billion Dollars? read
uujme, Support the people of Gaza’s right of peaceful protest—Support the Great Return March read

New articles in Foreign Policy: US status in world

Global Research News, Selected Articles: The Geopolitics of Targeting Russia read

Francis Elliott, May’s EU allies prepare to expel Russian diplomats read
James Petras, Why the UK, the EU and the US Gang-Up on Russia read
Paul Craig Roberts, Has Russia Had Enough? read
James Petras, US Empire: Global Imperialism and Internal Colonialism read
Tom Feeley, America Is A Bully. OK. There, I Said It! “I am not aware of one instance where “terrorism” has ever been defeated at the barrel of a gun.: read
Charles P. Pierce, 15 Years. More Than 1 Million Dead. No One Held Responsible. read
Global Research News, Selected Articles: European Disintegration, Chemical Attack in Syria, Torture in Afghanistan read
Matthew Cole and Jeremy Scahill, Before He Was FBI Director, Chris Wray Supervised an Investigation That Found Erik Prince Likely Broke U.S. Law read
Global Research News, US Destabilization Lineup: Is Nicaragua Next? read
Dan Kovalik, The Empire Turns Its Sights on Nicaragua – Again! read
James Petras, Latin America in the Time of Trump read

New articles in Economics

Rep. Keith Ellison: “Why Shouldn’t There Be a Maximum Wage?” read
Jonathan Chait, Trump Economist Wants to Give Rich People Another Tax Break, Without a Vote in Congress read
Josh Jones, The Diderot Effect: Enlightenment Philosopher Denis Diderot Explains the Psychology of Consumerism & Our Wasteful Spending read
Kate Wheeling, HUD Secretary Proposes Steep Rent Increases for Americans in Federally Subsidized Housing read
Laurence Peter, Finland’s basic income trial falls flat read
Patricia Cohen and Robert Gebeloff, Public Servants Are Losing Their Foothold in the Middle Class read
Ralph Nader, Chevron and Richmond CA read
Jake Johnson, Nation’s Richest — Including Trump — About to Enjoy $17 Billion Windfall Thanks to Huge Tax Loophole read, Do Taxpayers Know They Are Handing Out Billions to Corporations? read
David Leonhardt, A Time for Big Economic Ideas read