New articles in Corporatism: regulations repealed or ignored

Michael Lewis on how SEC allows Wall Street excesses. read

Stacy Mitchell: After 3 decades of neglect, will anti-trust laws again be enforced (as per DNC platform). read

Randeep Ramesh: 1MDB, “what Loretta Lynch, the US attorney general, described last week as “the largest kleptocracy case” in US history. read

New articles in Corporatism regulations repealed or ignored: by financial institutions

David Dayen on Holder’s “excuse” for not prosecuting bankers. “The report — the result of a three-year investigation — shows that aggressive attorneys did want to prosecute HSBC, but Holder overruled them.” Final irony: “Jennifer Shasky, the AFMLS Chief who requested the prosecution of HSBC but was overruled, recently resigned as the head of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to become a senior compliance officer with HSBC.” read

Teresa Tritch: Collecting debts on dubious foreclosures. read

Gretchen Morgenson on her new book on the mortgage crisis. read

Gretchen Morgenson on failures to force transparency on private equits. read