16 February, 2013 20:36

title New articles in Corporatism regulations repealed or ignored: by producers of goods and services ]

Critics of new Japanese regulations contend that these will hurt the business. But aren”‘t some regulations essential in view of recent past. (click)

Quotas for cod fishing raise questions about the self-regulating of markets. (click)
Tom Laskawy on the evidence and rulings against GMOs. (click)

Posts below are from May 2012 to January 2013

FCC ready to permit more media consolidation.



Health insurance rates rising. An interesting flaw (?) in the new federal plan is that rate increases must be posted but states can decide whether to give their own overseers any powers to approve or disapprove.


FCC ready to permit more media consolidation.



Suzanne Lindgren details Fred Kaufman’s story of how bankers’ wheat speculations drove up the price of foods.



California’s ballot initiative to require food products to be labeled if they contained GMOs was defeated by heavy corporate monies. Here’s a listing.



James Murtagh, physician whistle-blower, wins important case.



Pharmacy compounders evade regulations and meningitis is a result.



Chris Hedges urges blockade of Keystone Pipeline.



Big Pharma fines. Should defrauding consumers be treated this way or should it be assessed in criminal courts? The ability to cover-up those deals this way obviously encourages repeats while raising costs of other medications.



Watch “The Big Fix.“ Read Jan Lundberg’s review of this new documentary in BP and US collusion

http://truth-out.org/news/item/9261-the-big-fix-documentary-exposes-bp-us-government- on- gulf-disaster


Juan Cole describes how our foods have become increasingly unregulated. “Large corporations account for half of the national economy and pay more for lobbyists to write and pass laws in Congress favorable to themselves than they do in Federal taxes.”



Gretchen Morgenson discusses new study that dispels the myths surrounding lavish CEO compensation based on fear that they will otherwise transfer their skills.



Michael Moore and Wendell Potter finally meet

http://www.opednews.com/articles/Michael-Moore-Finally-Meet-by-Rob- Kall-120702-619.html


truthout. Many of you already check this site, but today’s video (text also always there) on the difficulties of implementing laws that include regulations is alarming. http://truth-out.org/news/item/10146-on-the-news-with-thom-hartmann-key-regulations- to-prevent-another-financial-crisis-are-being-delayed-or-scrapped-and-more


Robert Reich on the Glaxo fine and ways to regulate big pharma