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Thierry Meyssan, Information Clearing House “Moscow called for a special meeting of the Security Council on 28 October 2016, to debate the cooperation between the UNO and certain regional organisations. Ambassador Vladimir Churkin, who was then presiding the Council, invited the representative of the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russian Sergey Ivanov, CIS), the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (Russian General Nikolai Bordyuzha, CSTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (Tajik Rashid Alimov, SCO0” read

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David Lindorff, Democratic Losers and their Media Backers Seek a Scapegoat for Their Own Disaster “But the Chicago Tribune has weighed in with a more measured piece, suggesting that while the CIA, a particularly secretive and politically driven organization, may be making that claim, the FBI is not convinced.” read

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laire Bernish, Judge Napolitano Exposes Lies On-Air: US Intelligence Was Behind Hacks — Not Russia read

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Jack Burns, BREAKING: All 10 Election Hacks Inside the US in Georgia Have Been Tracked to DHS — NOT RUSSIA read

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