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Money-making incarcerations. Will Louisiana’s plan be imitated elsewhere? [from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, 1/9.2013]  <Prisons for Profit – Louisiana has the highest rate of incarceration of any state in the nation with one in every 86 adults behind bars.  As Lucky Severson reports, to contain the costs of imprisoning so many individuals, the state has outsourced the operating of many prisons to local sheriffs and others who are given a per diem payment for each prisoner.  Critics say one effect of this is to give sheriffs an incentive to expand their prison populations and keep their costs as low as possible.>


In addition to the profits created by prison privatization, there is the potential field of privatized half-way houses houses-escapees-stream-out-as-a-penal-business-thrives.html? _r=1&ref=todayspaper


Paul Krugman on the privatization of prisons and correction facilities

“The horrors described are part of a broader pattern in which essential functions of government are being both privatized and degraded…..Are the corporations capturing the politicians, or the politicians capturing the corporations? Does it matter?” prisons-privatization-patronage.html?ref=todayspaper


Gar Alperovitz on the ways that big banks run the world.­ at -your-expense