New articles in Culture: philosophy/ethics

Charles Taylor, The philosopher-citizen (Jurgen Habermas) read
Philosophy of Education Archive (downloading) read
Kate Johnson, Do conservatives value ‘moral purity’ more than liberals? read
Nathan Collins. Is Clear Thinking Morally Superior? read
TOP DOCUMENTARY FILMS, Philosophy- series read
YouTube series: Philosophy Tube, The School of Life watch
Evan R. Goldstein, The New Intellectuals read
Josh Jones, Albert Einstein Explains How Slavery Has Crippled Everyone’s Ability (Even Aristotle’s) to Think Clearly About Racism read
Catarina Dutilh Novaes, What is logic? read
Colin MacCabe, How John Berger taught us to see read
Maria Popova, Why Our Partners Drive Us Mad: Philosopher Alain de Botton to the Central Foible of the Human Heart and How to Hal It read
Masha Gessen, The Threat of Moral Authority read
Sandy Grant, How playing Wittgensteinian language-games can set us free read
Jane O’Grady, Derek Parfit obituary “…transformed the centuries-old question of personal identity – what makes some future person me? – by subtly sabotaging and resetting it. He also reframed the agenda in moral philosophy, helped to replace the ideal of equality with the principle of prioritising the worst-off, and established a new philosophical discipline, population ethics.” read
Joshua Duclos, Is hunting moral? A philosopher unpacks the question read
Rob Jenkins, What Is Critical Thinking, Anyway? read
Nathan,, On the Corner: The Birth of Intersectionality read, It Will be Called Americanism: the US Writers Who Imagined a Fascist Future read
Stephen Metcalf, Richard Rorty’s Philosophical Argument for National Pride read
Martin E. Marty, What’s Ressentiment Got to Do with It read, Superintelligence: Science or Fiction? (1h) watch
Walter Myers III , Platonic Forms and Aristotelian Teleology: Let’s Explore the Philosophical Roots of Intelligent Design read
Robert Zaretsky, A Philosopher of Otherness Dies When He’s Needed Most (Tzvetan Todorov) read
Dan Sperber & Hugo Mercer, The Enigma of Reason (1h 12 m) watch
Chris Hedges, The Intellectuals We Abandon (Sheldon Wolin, Karl Marx) read
Pierre Bourdieu, Outline of a Theory of Practice read
Discover the Creative, New Philosophy Podcast Hi-Phi Nation: The First Story-Driven Show About Philosophy read
NEH Chairman William Adams Interviews Martha Nussbaum (34 m) watch read
Michael Ruse, Where Are Humans Headed? read
S. Abbas Raza, There may be an antidote to politically motivated reasoning, and it’s wonderfully simple read
Patrick West, Nietzsche’s Enlightenment read
Robin Varghese, Habermas and the Fate of Democracy read
Brad Baranowski, How Robert Nozick put a purple prose bomb under analytical philosophy read
Marcus Ranum, Book Review: History of Skepticism (Popkin) read
Daniel Luban, The Elusive Karl Polanyi read
Michael Walzer, Is Our Common Humanity a Discovery or an Invention? (rev/pf The Invention of Humanity: Equality and Cultural Difference in World History by Siep Stuurman “Las Casas and Sahagún were hardly in full possession of the ideas of humanity and equality. But they portrayed the Spaniards as far less civilized than these indigenous peoples—and so they took a stand against the prevailing Spanish belief in their own racial and cultural superiority…..We have to deal with geographic inequality (the barbarians on the other side of the border), racial inequality (whites or Chinese and the inferior “others”), hierarchical inequality (masters and slaves, aristocrats and commoners), and economic inequality (the rich, the poor, and the desperately poor). ….Stuurman adds a fifth to this list, which he thinks is peculiarly modern: temporal inequality. “We” are advanced, and “they” are backward.
….Those of us who grew up on the Western left may think that it’s our egalitarian ideology that has been emulated around the world. Not so: The discovery and invention of humanity has been the work of humankind.” read
Colin Marshall, 138 Short Animated Introductions to the World’s Greatest Ideas: Plato, Michel Foucault, Simone de Beauvoir & More read

Bradley Studemeyer, How fashion moves philosophy forward read

New articles in Culture: philosophy/ethics

Janne Iivonen, Yuval Noah Harari on big data, Google and the end of free will. read, Patricide Deferred. The Frankfurt School. read

Penn Jillette’s case for libertarianism. read

Andrew Cornell, “Unruly Equality”: A Brief History of Anarchism (excerpt). “Proudhon argued that under conditions of profound economic inequality, such as those that reigned in industrializing Europe, the primary role of political states was to legitimate and defend the wealth of a minority. It was this joint exercise of economic and military power that actually made the poor vulnerable (to hunger, disease, beatings) and ensured society would remain chaotically ridden with conflict.” read

New articles in Culture: philosophy/ethics

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak int. by Steve Paulson. read

Robert Burrowes on how ideology and religion dominate us. “In essence, most children are terrorized into believing what the adults around them want them to think. This is because most adults are far too (unconsciously) frightened to let children think for themselves and to then let them believe and behave as they choose.

Consequently, therefore, it is fear, often mediated through ideology and religion, that drives most human behavior.” read

New articles in Culture: philosophy/ethics

Catherine Simpson. The Nomadic Humanities.” Brilliant observations on several key thinkers, John Dewey, Rosi Braidotti, and J. M. Coetzee. “Being a nomadic humanist is to worry about falling prey to self-satisfying illusions and delusions, but hope can keep company with such an anxiety.” read

Kimberley Brownlee: Updating myth of self-reliant individual. read

Marta Nussbaum by Rachel Aviv. read

Noam Chomsky int. by CJ Polychroniou on anarchism, communism, revolutions. “”The very idea of socialism is embodied in the concept of workers’ control,” one Menshevik trade unionist lamented. The Bolshevik leadership expressed the same lament in action, by demolishing the very idea of socialism” .read

Visual mapping of discipline of philosophy. read