New articles in Foreign Policy: Defining “terrorism”

Brad Evans and Richard J. Bernstein, The Intellectual Life of Violence read

Mark Juergensmeyer, Talking With the “Religious Terrorist” that Turkey Wants Trump to Extradite read

Medea Benjamin, U.S. Dropped 26,171 Bombs in 2016. What a Bloody End to Obama’s Reign read

Michel Chossudovsky, US-NATO Supported Terrorism in Syria From Day One: Michel Chossudovsky (18m) watch

Leyal Khalife, In 2016, America Killed Over 24,000 of the Nationals Donald Trump Just Banned read

Paul Cliteur, Why religious terrorism is really religious read

Drake Baer, The Bias That Explains Why Americans Fear Terrorism More Than Guns read

Danios, America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776 (2011) read

Nick Turse, Kill Anything That Moves read

Danios, America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776 (2011) read

New articles in Foreign Policy: Defining “terrorism”

ISIS lone-wolf techniques, Barak Mendelsohn. read

Thomas Nagel, By Any Means or None. Rev. of Rochard English new book, “The persistence of terrorism appears to be impervious to its overwhelming record of failure to ‘work’, in the normal sense. Terrorists, it seems, are at least as attached to their means as to their professed ends, and to those for whom killing is an end in itself, there is not much to say by way of rational counterargument.” read

New articles in Foreign Policy: Defining “terrorism”

Lawrence Wilkerson: “We are the death merchant of the world.” Praises for Smedley Butler, ““It’s not like Dick Cheney or someone like that went and said let’s have a war because we want to make money for Halliburton, but it is a pernicious on decision-making,” the former Bush official explained. “And the fact that they donate so much money to congressional elections and to PACs and so forth is another pernicious influence.” read

New articles in Foreign Policy: Defining “terrorism”

Historians on mass shootings in US. read

Scott Atran, The Durability of Chaos. “Even if ISIS loses all of its territory in Syria and Iraq, the global jihadi archipelago could continue to expand if the social and political conditions that have led to its emergence continue to persist…..Serious jihadi involvement with petty criminal networks began after the September 11 attacks as an unintended consequence of the ability of the United States and allies to cut off the flow of funding to suspect groups, especially through Islamic charities. ….we will not be able to defeat ISIS itself until we find a way to reconnect the neighborhoods, online communities, and other particularly susceptible social and political settings where attacks like what occurred in Nice continue to find inspiration and support.” read

New articles in Foreign Policy: Defining “terrorism”

Michelle Alexander on where now. “This nation was founded on the idea that some lives don’t matter. Freedom and justice for some, not all. That’s the foundation. Yes, progress has been made in some respects, but it hasn’t come easy. There’s an unfinished revolution waiting to be won.” read

Chris Hedges on legalized murder and the politics of terror. “Our political elites, rather than addressing the crisis, will make it worse. If we do not revolt, the savagery, including legalized murder, that is the daily reality for poor people of color will become our reality. We must overthrow the corporate state. We must free ourselves from the poisonous ideology of neoliberalism. If we remain captive we will soon endure the nightmare that afflicts our neighbor.” read

Henry Giroux: State terrorism and racism. “We are in a new historical era, one that is marked by extreme violence and a policy of disposability fueled in part by a culture of fear, a deeply overt racist culture that is unapologetic in its racism, and a culture of cruelty that is the modus operandi of neoliberal capitalism. This culture of cruelty is a cage culture, a culture of combat, a hyper masculine culture that views killing those most vulnerable as sport, entertainment and policy…..violence has become the default position for solving all social problems, especially as they pertain to poor minorities of class and color.”…The terrorist state “individualizes fear and insecurity and undercuts the formation of collective struggle. “ Usual excuses “are invoked to hide the real causes of misery and violence in the United States which come from a society immersed in racism, economic inequality, poverty, the redistribution of wealth away from the public sector, the ongoing destruction of the welfare state and a political system now entirely controlled by financial elites….Unfortunately, there is a culture of criminality in the United States and it resides in the mega-banks, the ultra-rich hedge funds and other apparatuses of the finance state. But on this issue there is nothing but silence from alleged patriots.” read

James Petras on MSM saturation of publics on massacres and their sources. read

New articles in Foreign Policy: Defining “terrorism”

Coleen Rowley rejects FBI “terror” label for Orlando. read

Tokyo Firebombing, April 13-14, 1945. read

Haroon Moghul: “NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS, BUT ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIM. “If it’s true that all terrorists are Muslims, it’s just because we’ve defined terrorism so that it’s pretty much only restricted to violence committed by Muslims.” read

New articles in Foreign Policy: Defining “terrorism”

John Feffer: Orlsndo better called a “mass hate crime” than “terrorism.” read

CIA Chief Brennan just confirmed the failures of the war on terrorism. “Unfortunately, despite all our progress against ISIL on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach. The resources needed for terrorism are very modest, and the group would have to suffer even heavier losses of territory, manpower, and money for its terrorist capacity to decline significantly.” read

Zaid Jilani: But Trump and Hillary unwarrantedly call for bombing ISIS after Orlando. read

Orlando largest mass killing only by “white” standards. James Loewen corrects the listings. read

Nick Turse on South Sudan’s unnoticed civil war. read

Amaryllis Fox, CIA counterterrorism agent now bowing whistle. ““If I learned one lesson from my time with the CIA, it is this: everybody believes they are the good guy,” Fox said. watch

New articles in Foreign Policy: Defining “terrorism”

Michel Chossudovsky on reversing the references of “conspiracy theory” and “terrorism.” “Muslim countries possess more than 60 percent of total oil reserves. In contrast, the United States of America has barely 2 percent of total oil reserves. Iraq has five times more oil than the United States.” read

New articles in Foreign Policy: Defining “terrorism”

Jo Syrmapoulos on WaPo’s story on the 28 pages. read

Michel Chossudivsky: Israel channels arms to Syria rebels via Golan Heights. read

Anthony Bellchambers on Israel/Hamas terror histories—a more balanced treatment? read

Pratap Chatterjee on devastation of US drone wars. Publicize the new movies he describes! Finally some whistleblowers “If recent history is any guide, these drones do not just kill terrorists; in their target areas, they also create anxiety, upset, and a desire for revenge in a larger population and so have proven a powerful weapon in spreading terror movements across the Greater Middle East…..It is undoubtedly thanks to just this thought process, already deeply embedded in the American way of war, that not a single candidate for president in 2016 has rejected the drone program.” read

Why did IRA assassinate Peter Ames? Where did “terror” fit in Anglo-Irish war? read