New articles in Foreign Policy: globalization/exceptionalism

Sonali Kolhatkar: I Have Never Stood Up for the National Anthem—and Never Will. read

David Swanson, Protests of National Anthem Restore My Faith in Humanity. read

Joe Amon, The history of the national anthem in sports (2011). read

Indispensable Nation: Hillary Clinton Pitches American Exceptionalism (31 min). watch

William Robin, Colin Kaepernick and the Radical Uses of “The Star-Spangled Banner” read, Colin Kaepernick Is Righter Than You Know: The National Anthem Is a Celebration of Slavery. read

New articles in Foreign Policy: globalization/exceptionalism

Michael Vlahos. “America is a religion.” This long and brilliant article reminds us of many things we choose to overlook. America’s traditional “religions” are all auxiliary and supplemental identity-agents of the American religion, embraced and applauded when they support the two dominant sects, and pushed aside when they fail to play the game straight.” read

New articles in Foreign Policy: globalization/exceptionalism

Peter Bloom exposes the “fairy tale” surrounding Osama and extremism. “The War on Terror is built on a legacy of past imperialism that still scars the Middle East and Asia today. Beginning in the late 18th century, Western powers had almost completely colonized the region for its resources and their own political advantage. ‘By the early twentieth century,’ Bernard Lewis writes in the New Yorker, ‘almost the entire Muslim world had been incorporated into the four European empires of Britain, France, Russia, and the Netherlands.’” read

Nadia Pruois: Domestic terrorists kill more in US than do jihadists. read