New articles es in Human Rights: Whistleblowers

Daniel Van Schooten, Insider Threat Programs Could Chill Whistleblowing, Agency Warns read
Michael Walzer, Just and Unjust Leaks “A quick word about language: “leaker” and “whistleblower” are overlapping terms, but they aren’t synonyms. A leaker, in this context, anonymously reveals information that might embarrass officials or open up the government’s internal workings to unwanted public scrutiny. In Washington, good reporters cultivate sources inside every presidential administration and every Congress and hope for leaks. A whistleblower reveals what she believes to be immoral or illegal official conduct to her bureaucratic superiors or to the public. Certain sorts of whistle-blowing, relating chiefly to mismanagement and corruption, are protected by law; leakers are not protected, nor are whistleblowers who reveal state secrets. “ read
Jonathan Cook. The UK’s Hidden Hand in Julian Assange’s Detention read
Micah Lee and Cora Currier, In Leaked Chats, WikiLeaks Discusses Preference for GOP Over Clinton, Russia, Trolling, and Feminists They Don’t Like read
John Kiriakou, The Cost of Blowing the Whistle Is High, but Worth It read
Jimmy Dore and William Binney, Mind Blowing Corruption At FBI – NSA Whistleblower Reveals read
CIA – Espionage and the Leak Culture read

New articles in Human Rights: Reproductive Rights

David Masci, American religious groups vary widely in their views of abortion read
Jackie Flynn Mogensen, 45 Years After Roe v. Wade, the War on Women Rages On read
Emily Mills, A Year After the Women’s March, How Bad Was 2017 for Reproductive Justice? read
John Vibes, US Gov’t Caught Experimenting on Hundreds of Poor Pregnant Women With Radiation read
Kirsty Vitarelli, Why Marching for Life Now Means Attacking Contraception read
Susan Berry, Poll: 76 Percent of Americans Favor Substantial Abortion Restrictions read
Alex Henderson, The Astonishing Numbers Behind the Republican Crusade Against Pregnant Women read
Georgia Purdom, What About Eugenics and Planned Parenthood? An evangelical view read