New articles in Human Rights: capital punishment

Universal Declaration of Emerging Human Rights. (Eng. txt. begins p. 67) “We, the citizens of the world, members of the civil society committed to human rights, forming part of the universal political community, assembled on the occasion of the Universal Forum of Cultures in Barcelona 2004 and Monterrey 2007 and inspired by the values of respect for the dignity of the human being, freedom, justice, equality and solidarity, and the right to an existence that allows the development of uniform standards of welfare and of quality of life for all.….This Declaration corresponds to the recent idea according to which humanity as a whole forms a political community with the duty to take upon itself its destiny in a shared way. This is compatible with a respect for the existing state political communities. However, a new means of combining the pluralistic communities and the shared politi- cal community to which we all belong is required…..Title I. The right to egalitarian democracy Title II. The right to pluralistic democracy Title III. The right to parity democracy Title IV. The right to participatory democracy TitleV. The right to solidarity in democracy Title. The right to guarantees in democracy” read