New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Neil Gabler on media failures at GOP convention. read

Jim Hightower on whether the Bernie revolution will end with the election. read

Corporate Democrats learn that Left Democrats hate them back: Jake Johnson. read

Max Boot: GOP is the “stupid party” that created Trump. read

Paul Buchheit: New corporate evils that should be media and campaign issues. Monopolies, Military, Corporate taxes. read

Anti-war protesters against Leon Panetta get little coverage, WJ Astore. read

Robert Reich on deep problems within DNC that won’t get fixed. read

Robert Schwarz and Lee Fang on CU and foreign monies in US elections. read

CMD researches on supports for ALEC. read

Andrew Napolitano on the deep state. “Here is where the deep state meets the political world. The deep state consists of intelligence, military, law enforcement and administrative agency personnel who aggressively protect their own interests, which transcend elections. Stated differently, many of these folks remain in opaque positions of power, and the governmental departments and agencies for which they work continue to expand, no matter which party wins the White House or controls Congress…..Binney’s conclusion that the NSA and not the Russians hacked the DNC is further supported by official White House silence. Last year, when Chinese intelligence agents hacked U.S. government computers and accessed personnel records of millions of federal government employees, the White House lodged long and loud protests with Beijing. This time, there have been no such protests to the Kremlin.” read

Issie Lapowsky on why Trump doesn;t understand nuclear weapons. read

Lawrence Wilkerson with Paul Jay on the militarism of both candidates. read

Eric Miller on te moral case for Trump. read

Charlie Grapski int. by Rob Kall on the DNC legal considerations. read

Jim Kavanagh: Democrats Promote Lies and War To Attack Trump. read

Gerald Sussman:mAmerican Elections: Weapons of Mass Distraction. read

Jay Symopoulos: Latest Wikileaks on Hillary and Lafarge and ISIS. read

Oil and gas lobbying at DNC. read.

Timothy Scott on Hillary’s record on Wall Street, war, race, inequality. read

Stephen Lendman: Hillary complicit in electoral rigging. read

Andrew Hines on Trump’s strange uses of metaphor. read

Amy Goodman and Dennis Moynihan on Sanders’ unusual role in the Hillary nomination at convention. read

Robert Reich on big money successes at DNC. read

Keith Ellison on how the Bernie protesters helped progressive politic. read

Jon Queally: the Sanders revolution still can win. “RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United which endorsed Sanders and campaigned aggressively on his behalf, the point isn’t to locate the source of the anger (that’s obvious), but instead to ask this: Why did the Democratic Party decide to operate so aggressively to undermine the Sanders campaign in the first place?” read

Sanders addressing his own delegates (22 min). watch

Election a turning point for Native Americans? read

Tony Brasunas on marginalizing Bernie supporters. read

Ralph Nader on Hillary. “The best thing Hillary Clinton has going for her is the self-destructive, unstable, unorganized, fact and truth-starved, egomaniacal, cheating, plutocratic, Donald Trump. “ read

William Barber DNC speech (10 min). watch

Nika Knight and Deirdre Fulton: Highs and lows of DNC. read

Galluo: Trump’s acceptance speech worts ever rated. read

Center for Public Integrity reporters at DNC. read

Joe Hoffman on Trump as flim-flam man. read

Pema Levy on Bernie heritage and the Working Families Party. read

Robert Koehler on both parties avoiding the war issue. read

Influence at DNC. read

PRRI: How immigration and cultural change are shaping election. read

Michael Hidson: Obama says Hillary will continue his policies — and she indeed will. “One might think that the Democrats would see the Obama administration as an albatross around their neck, much as Gore had Bill Clinton around his neck in 2000. Gore didn’t want him showing his face in the campaign. Yet Hillary presents herself as continuing the Obama policies with “business as usual,” as if she will act as his third term…..By 2018 the continued stagnation of the 99 Percent may lead to a midterm wipeout of Democrats (assuming that Hillary wins this year against Trump), catalyzing an alternative party (assuming that she does not blow up the world in her neocon military escalation on the borders of Russia and China).…The solution is not to save the Democratic Party, but to replace it. read

Robert Reich and Chris Hedges on what Bernie voters should do now (36 min). watch

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Mark Ash on Sanders. “Bernie Sanders never gave a damn about being president. He wanted to return control of the political process to average Americans. He still wants to do that.” read

Robert Reich on Bernie’s 7 legacies. read

Henry Giroux: Trump and the Fascistization of America (1/2) read

Henry Giroux: Trump and the Enablers of American Authoritarianism (2/2). read

WaPo editorial 7/22: Trump is a danger to America. read

Jon Queally: Clinton inflames progressives with Kaine. read

Tom Hall: Hillary’s pick of Kaine signals OK to military. read

Mark Karlin: Trump a “legacy of white settler colonialism.” read

James Petras: the powder keg of our polarization. read

Richard Eskow on Trump speech. read

Kimberly Winston on Kaine’s religion. read

David Swanson on how Kaine makes Hillary’s ticket even worse. read

WJ Astore on Kaine. read

The Hill: GOP winners and losers at Cleveland. read

George Lakoff: Understanding (and defeating) Trump. “What Hillary’s campaign says is true. And it is irrelevant…..Keep out of shouting matches. One can speak powerfully without shouting. Obama sets the pace: Civility, values, positivity, good humor, and real empathy are powerful. Calmness and empathy in the face of fury are powerful….Values come first, facts and policies follow in the service of values. They matter, but they always support values.” read

Richard Esow on Trump. read

Ken Burns int. by Christiane Amanpour (8 min). watch

Leaked DNC emails suggest conspiracies against Bernie. read

Conservatives band together faster than liberals, Drake Baer. read

Robert Scheer: Two candidates offer no real choice. watch

Francis Fukuyama on the 2016 elections. “In fact, however, the turbulent campaign has shown that American democracy is in some ways in better working order than expected..…The real story of this election is that after several decades, American democracy is finally responding to the rise of inequality and the economic stagnation experienced by most of the population. Social class is now back at the heart of American politics, trumping other cleavages—race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, geography—that had dominated discussion in recent elections…..The American political system will not be fixed unless popular anger is linked to good policies. ….The intellectual challenge is to see whether it is possible to back away from globalization without cratering both the national and the global economy, with the goal of trading a little aggregate national income for greater domestic income equality…..The American system makes it too easy for well-organized interest groups to block legislation and to “capture” new initiatives for their own purposes.” read

DISTRACTIONS: More millennials recognize Pikachu than Biden. read

Robert Reich: GOP now taken over by its fringe elements. read

Tony Schwartz, Trump’s ghostwriter’s reactions: Jane Mayer. “Schwartz can understand why Trump feels stung, but he felt that he had to speak up before it was too late. As for Trump’s anger toward him, he said, “I don’t take it personally, because the truth is he didn’t mean it personally. People are dispensable and disposable in Trump’s world.” If Trump is elected President, he warned, “the millions of people who voted for him and believe that he represents their interests will learn what anyone who deals closely with him already knows—that he couldn’t care less about them.” read

Bernie: I have not suspended my campaign. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Harold Myerson on the first post-middleclass election. read

Richard Moser on he role of “fear” in Clinton, Trump, and fascism. read

Michael Evans on Trum and public religion. read

Gallp: More Americans prefer state than federal power. read

Rob Urie on the end of possibility. read

Bernie: “we now have the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party.” read

Limits of Dem. Platform on war, Phyllis Bennis. “But it is on the platform’s dealing with issues of war and peace, militarism and diplomacy, Palestine and Israel, that both the potential and the limitations of social movements are most clear.” read

Sophia McClennen: Electoral College rigs us to a 2-party system. read

Robert Jones: Evangelicals and Trump. read

Percent of Independents highest in 75 years. read

Robert Reich on Bernie’s 7 legacies. read

Phyllis Bennis on Dem. Platform retaining militarism. read

Greg Palast and Dennis J Bernstein on the Clintons’ scandals. read

Bernie on continuing the revolution. read

Ken Burns on Trump, race, and America today. read

Rebecca Theodore: The 2016 elections and the cost of democracy. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Rebecca Theodore: The 2016 elections and the cost of democracy. read

Cornel West int. by George Souvlis. “We are at a crossroads in American history. We must choose between a neo-fascism in the making (Trump), neo-liberalism in the decaying (Clinton), and a neo-populism in the ascending (Sanders). The establishments in both the Democratic and Republican parties are disintegrating. Obama is the last gasp of the neo-liberalism that emerged under Carter: a massive response to the structural crises of the global economy in the mid-70s.” This emergence exposes the spiritual rot and moral cowardice of too much of Black leadership – political, intellectual and religious. The myopic careerism and chronic narcissism that prevented any serious critique of Obama’s neo-liberalism are now out in the open, owing to the courageous young people who stood in the face of military tanks in order to show their love of those shot down by unaccountable police under a Black president, Black attorney general and Black homeland security cabinet membe.” read

Nika Knight: People’s Summit offers hope for a continuing Bernie movement. read

Jonathan Chait on how Nader refuses to accept his role in the 2000 election of George W. Bush. read

Ari Berman: Gutting the Voting Rights Act could decide the election. read

Jake Johnson on how MSM, including NY Times, have discredited Bernie. read

Matt Taibbi on Democrat’s “lesser evil.” read

John Jay and Naomi Klein disciss how to continue the “revolution” within the Democratic party (21 min). watch

Richard Eskow on Bernie’s continuing leverage. read

Mike Lofgren: Frank Rich on historical analogies and calling Trump a fascist. “Analogies may provide creative insights, but all analogies are flawed, because all historical events occur in the context of their time, and circumstances never repeat themselves in exactly the same way. But given the fact that the United States is already one of the most violence-prone countries in the developed world, the raw material at least exists for something resembling fascism to arise with the catalyst of an authoritarian leader.” read

Bill Moters and Michael Winship on the predecessors of Trump. “Trump and his ilk would sweep the promise of America into the dustbin of history unless they are exposed now to the disinfectant of sunlight, the cleansing torch of truth. Nothing else can save us from the dark age of unreason that would arrive with the triumph of Donald Trump. read

CHE’s course Trump 101. read

Roy Cohn’s influence on Trump. read

Stanford stufy show Democratic fraud favoring Hillary. read full report. read

Terry Duffy, head of largest derivatives marketplace says Hillary or Trump would be equally good for finance indistry. read

Naomi Klein on the significance of he Sanders campaign. “Taken together, the evidence is clear: The left just won. Forget the nomination—I mean the argument. Clinton, and the 40-year ideological campaign she represents, has lost the battle of ideas. The spell of neoliberalism has been broken, crushed under the weight of lived experience and a mountain of data…..What for decades was unsayable is now being said out loud—free college tuition, double the minimum wage, 100 percent renewable energy.” read

Neil Gabler: Corporate press took down Sanders. “What we will never know is if the race might have been different had the coverage been different — that is, if Sanders hadn’t been considered some outlier and preordained loser from the very beginning.” read

Robeft Reich on the despair that supports Trump. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Jane Mayer on amateurish attempts to sway the campaign. read

Sanders vows nationwide ban on fracking. read

Matt Taibbi doubts that Bernie will generate a reality check for Democratic Party. read

Peter Kuznick with Paul Jay on how Democrats broke with working class. read

Obama delays release of Clinton’s TPP emails umtl after election. read

Robert Reich: Has the Democratic establishment learned anything from the Sanders campaign? read

Robert Reich to Bernie, June10. read

Matt Taibbi: What Democrats must learn from Sanders’ successes. read

Paul Craig Roberts sees Brexit as a CIA operation. read

Naomi Klein rejects Hillary’s claims as a “feminist.” read

Chris Hedges: We must understand corporate power in order to fight it. read

Anis Shivani on the necessity to analyze “neoliberalism. read

David Lindorff urges Bernie to run on Green ticket. read
Robert Parry: Democrats are not the aggressive war party. read

Rebecca Theodore: The 2016 elections and the cost of democracy. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Rebecca Theodore: The 2016 elections and the cost of democracy. read

Left Forum opening plenary on US democracy as a fraud: Laura Flanders, Medea Benjamin, Chris Hedges, Tariq Ali (1 hr 2 min). watch

Elaine Kamarck on the Democratic super delegates. read

Fred Mason discusses union role in history and between Sanders and Clinton now. read

David Niose: Trump’s success shows how vulnerable US is to a form of fascism. read

Noam Chomsky on whether Trump resembles fascism (4 min). watch

Harry Frankfurt on spotting bullshit — remembered by Open Culture. read

Gallup: Race and gender biggest differentiators in trump v. Clinton. read

Dean Baker on the elites and the rise of Trump. Not just blue-collar white men (sho have suffered). But the real elites. “The situation is so bad that elite-types now view it as a sacrifice to work for the $175,000 to $200,000 annual pay received by high level government officials.” read

Peter Laarman on the Sanders insurgency — and the “secular sacred.” read

Robert Reich: Hillary and Bernie supporters must endure some tough “medicine.” “I can’t criticize anyone for voting their conscience, of course. But your conscience should know that a decision not to vote for Hillary, should she become the Democratic nominee, is a de facto decision to help Donald Trump.” read

Adam Johnson: In all 9 Dem. debates, not one word on poverty. read

Bill Maher int. Bernie (11 min). watch

Nadia Prupis: Report on emails on Clinton worse than expected. read

Robert Reich on why Trump might win. “Anti-politics pits Washington insiders, corporate executives, bankers, and media moguls against a growing number of people who think the game is rigged against them. There’s no center, only hostility and suspicion.” read

Charles Ortel on fraud’s on Clinton Foundation. readDavid Swanson will vote neither for Trump nor Clinton. read

Eric Zuesse: WE are now dictatorships — US, EU, UK. read

Dennis Bernstein and Greg Palast: How NY Times distorted issue of Nevada delegates. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Rebecca Theodore: The 2016 elections and the cost of democracy. read

Peter Phillips: Voting for Empire is only option for Democrats and republicans. read

New poll show Hillary and Trump tied. read

Bill maher and Jeremy Scahill on US fascism (3 min). watch

Robert Reich calls on all to keep Trump, an “utter idiot,” from presidency. read

Neil Gabler: Why media doesn’t seem to care about Trump’s lies. read

Robert Reich on crony capitalism and disaffected 2016 voters. “The anti-establishment fury in the election of 2016 may prove greater than supposed.” read

Alan Wolfe rev. Sean Wilentz’s new book contrasting politicians and egalitarians. read

Seth Abrahamson: Sandersism has already defeated Clintonism. read

Michael Winship on para;;e;s to 1968 election. read

Holger Stark on Trump’s nationalism — and fascism parallels. read

Noam Chomsky: US is a 2-part state with 1 faction. read

Matt Taibbi sees Trump killing the GOP. read

Adam Curtis BBC doc. Bitter Lake (2hr 18min). watch

The LA Times endorsement of HRC: Stephen Fox. read

Ron Paul will vote for some 3rd party. watch

Jeremy Scahill on Maher: Trump has whiffs of Hitler’s rise. watch

Jon Queally speculates on linkage of Hillary and neocon Republicans. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Rebecca Theodore: The 2016 elections and the cost of democracy. read

Gerald Epstein questions Krugman’s economics when he most recently criticized Sanders. read

Deirdre Fulton: Sanders moving a generation to the left. read

Frank Newport, Gallup’s editor-in-chief, criticizes Bernie and Cruz for calling Congress dysfunctional and not starting in the middle. read

Alfredo Lopez on Bernie’s decline because he hasn’t gotten black support. read

Thom Engelhardt: Trump is first candidate to recognize US decline. read

Milo Yiannopoulos and the new and racist alt-right. read

Niall Stanage: Sanders has already “won,” by re-shaping the Democratic Party. read

Jon Queally sees neocons as the most likely group tp support Hillary. read

Dean Baker on Tom Friedman’s establishment-based punditry. read

Ted Cruz’s biblicism even extended to slavery, Bruce Wilson. read

Rebecca Gordon on monies from military contractors. read

Robert Reich on the campaign’s anti-establishment politics in both partoes. “The Trump and Sanders candidacies are both dramatic repudiations of politics as usual…..Both the Tea Party movement and Occupy were angry responses – Tea Partiers apoplectic about government’s role, Occupiers furious with Wall Street – two sides of the same coin.” read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Rebecca Theodore: The 2016 elections and the cost of democracy. read

Dana Fran: Hillary “baldly lying” on mher role in Hondural coup. read

Aaron David Miller: US and Saudi Arabia — trapped in a bad marriage. “What do you do when it’s increasingly clear that one of your longtime Middle East partners doesn’t share either your values or many of your interests?” read

Deirdre Fulton: Congressional Progressive Caucus endorses Democracy Spring. Little MSM coverage read

41 percent of SuperPAC money comes from 50 donors. read

Glenn Greenwald: Hillary supporters now using SCOTUS conservative arguments in Citizens United. read

Juan Cole: The Sanders miracle — getting democracenfrics not only to support Israel but also the Palestinian people. read

Robert Parry: Hillary is a neocon. read

Ruth Conniff on next steps for Bernie “There is no reason for Sanders to drop out, or pull his punches….It is a battle between a populist insurgent, who poses a real threat to the donor class, and the party establishment…..He’s talking about what a country would look like that serves people who have no access to wealth and power.” read

Linn Washington Jr. on the Clintons’ racism. read

Teachers Union opinion column explains the endorsement of Hillary. read

Ted Cruz: public schools are teaching communism, not the Constitution. read

Rick Schenkman int. by Bill Moyers on the stone-age brain of US voters. read

Jesse Myerson: From Occupy to Sanders, building a movement. read

Chris Hedges: Revolution is in the air.. “The mass media’s blackout of the largest number of arrests at the Capitol in decades is one of innumerable examples of our corporate coup d’état….The building of movements and sustained civil disobedience is far more important than voting. Voting without powerful and organized movements is futile. Voting without profound electoral reform, including banishing corporate money from politics, is useless…..The building of movements and sustained civil disobedience is far more important than voting. Voting without powerful and organized movements is futile. Voting without profound electoral reform, including banishing corporate money from politics, is useless. … It is not our job to take power. It is our job to keep power constantly off balance and fearful of overstepping its reach to pillage on behalf of the elites.” Hedges cites the changes pushed from below during the presidencies of Roosevely and Nixon. read

Bernie’s Vatican speech. “There are few places in modern thought that rival the depth and insight of the Church’s moral teachings on the market economy…..A market economy is beneficial for productivity and economic freedom. But if we let the quest for profits dominate society; if workers become disposable cogs of the financial system; if vast inequalities of power and wealth lead to marginalization of the poor and the powerless; then the common good is squandered and the market economy fails us…..Inexplicably, the United States political system doubled down on this reckless financial deregulation, when the U.S. Supreme Court in a series of deeply misguided decisions, unleashed an unprecedented flow of money into American politics.” ead

Merrill Miller on Sanders supporters who would vote for Trump — because of their dislike to Washington power-brokers and the similarities of the 2 party establishments. read

Jake Johnson on Democratic Spring and Goldman Sachs. “ marches and sit-ins organized by Democracy Spring drew national attention and celebration on social media — though, unsurprisingly, they garnered little coverage in the mainstream.” But Goldman Sachs settles for $5.1B with no indictments read

. Oliver Stone: Hillary has been for every war the US waged. read