New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Rebecca Theodore: The 2016 elections and the cost of democracy. read

Rob Kall: Panama Papers should be an election issue. read

William Boardman: The qualification controversy, Hillary and Bernie. read

John Pilger on Hillary v. Trump. read

Jason Easley: Bernie on 4 Sunday shows (4/10) finally able to use MSM on ignored issues. “Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders appeared on four of the five Sundays shows, and even though the programs were dominated by talk about the Democratic primary, Sanders was still able to deliver a reality check to the corporate media by talking about a few often ignored issues.” read

Elle Mystal on why she will vote for Hillary. “Hillary Clinton is not why we progressives can’t have nice things. The entrenched views of conservatives, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, climate deniers, zealots from all religions, and the gun lobby are why we can’t have nice things. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with a reasonable plan for dealing with those forces…..That’s not a political revolution, that’s the check out line at Whole Foods.” read

Henry Giroux on “radical” politics, and the need to link organizations (rather than focusing on single issues). read

Ralph Naer on how big union leaders betrayed Bernie. read

Bernie heads to Vatican. read

Naomi Klein on why Hillary’s corporate worldview cannot be ignored. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Rebecca Theodore: The 2016 elections and the cost of democracy. read

Jamil Khader: Trump’s “authoritarian capitalism.” read

Rebecca Theodore: The 2016 elections and the cost of democracy. read

Carol Wolman on Hillary and Trump. read

Bob Dreyfuss: Will Trump revive militias and right-to-carry? read

John Pilger on the records of Hillary and Trump. read

Jeffrey Goldberg on “The Obama Doctrine.” read

John Paul Rollert re-reads Trump’s 1987 Art of the Deal, and re-views subsequent deals. read

Oliver Stone sees Hillary having closed door to peace. read

Jonna Ivin on why poor whites like Trump. “It makes perfect sense that Don Tyson would say, “My theory about politics is that if they will just leave me alone, we’ll do just fine.” What didn’t make sense to me was that poor and working class locals would agree with him. ….Government regulations that stifle ambition are a threat to American dreamers everywhere, but laws that can be used to the advantage of top-of-the-business-world warriors are just fine…..Big or small, our government has failed everyone but the wealthiest class. Maybe if we all look up together, we can see more clearly that the hand of oppression belongs only to those who have always had money, power, and control. Those are the real enemies.” And do spend 6 min. with the video! read

Lawrence Davidson on forces driving US Israel policies. read

Robert Reich: Major media marginalize Bernie because they don’t know how to report on movements. read

Patrick Woodall: TPP and job losses. read

Jim Lewis on how it was the liberals who first made Trump. “So he wasn’t a liberal man, but he’d spent his life surrounded by them. How bad could he be?” read

Nuala O’Connor discusses privacy with Glenn Greenwald, Noam Chomsky, and Edward Snowden (1h 54 min). watch

The Young Turks. Cenk Uygur: “People in the establishment said it was just an aberration [Cantor’s defeat], but they’re in denial. They love the system. But a guy like Cantor doesn’t lose to a guy like Brat unless there is a tsunami of populism sweeping over the nation. Now with Trump and Sanders that is clearly confirmed. People will continue to ignore it, but they’ll ignore it at their peril, because this tsunami is going to crash over everyone’s heads.” read

Melvin Goodman on the strike-backs of DC Establishment to Obama comments in “The Atlantic” story. read

Excerpt from Jane Mayer’s Dark Money on Koch roles. read

Matt Taibbi disappointed that Rolling Stone supports Hillary. read

Chris Hedges now writes off both parties and voting. “The two parties colluded to turn American politics into anti-politics. The culture wars replaced political debate. The Democrats co-opted the liberal elites and unions. The Republican Party embraced the lunatics of the Christian right, nativists and opponents of abortion rights. The Republicans and the Democrats looked at their supporters as useful idiots…..We must begin to mobilize around mass actions. We must, in large and small ways, disrupt the system.” read

William Rivers Pitt collects many Trump quotes. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Rebecca Theodore: The 2016 elections and the cost of democracy. read

Noam Chomsky int. by C,J. Polychroniou: Election puts US at risk of “utter disaster.” read

Robert Jensen on the “coddling” of capitalist, white-supremacist, patriarchal American mind. “How does a country come to terms with the reality that its prosperity is built on such extermination, exploitation, and empire?….When does merely offensive speech becomes oppressive? When should one person’s freedom of expression, no matter how offensive, be defended and when does a pattern of abusive expression clearly undermine the ability of others to participate fully in a classroom discussion?” read

Mark Karlin on Hillary and Honduras. read

Dean Baker on fools and liars on TPP. read

David Briggs: Intolerance in the Trump campaign. read

Ray McGovern int. by TCMunich. watch

Naomi Klein for Bernie. read

Frank Rich: The “GOP establishment” that Trump is supposedly defeating never existed. read

The academic editors of Religion Dispatches weigh in on the election. read

Rob Kall on the “entertainmentization” of politics. read

Sen. Warren on Republican obstructionism. listen

Robert Paxton, historian of fascism, sees Trump as fascist. read

Parker Palmer on Trump’s parallels to Mussolini, and the role of GOP anti-imtellectualism. read

Uri Avnery on ideological uses of archaeology in justifying Israeli colonization. read

WaPo: 16 Bernie slams in 16 hours!. read

Frances Moort Lappe on 6 pieces of a real democracy. read

Robert Parry on our 2 corrupt establishments. read

Ross Douthat on Trump. “What Trump is doing, then, isn’t so much co-opting conservative Christianity as exploiting its weaknesses and divisions.” read

Jacob Heilbrunn on the neocons critique of Trump. read

Robert Reich now using “fascist” to describe Trump. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Tom Dart: 10 lessons from SuperTuesday. read

Andrew Bacevich: What Trimpism means for democracy. read

Chris Hedges, The Grasveyard of the Elites. “The carnival of the presidential election is a public display of the deep morbidity and artifice that have gripped American society.” Quotes from DeMott and Wolin. read

Amanda Taub surveys recent political science researches on “authoritarianism”: “The discovery: how a niche subfield of political science suddenly became some of the most relevant research in American politics….authoritarians, as a growing presence in the GOP, are a real constituency that exists independently of Trump — and will persist as a force in American politics regardless of the fate of his candidacy.” read

Neil Gabler: Media created Trump by first destroying politics. read

Mark Ash on supporting Bernie. read

Sam Tanenhaus on Trump and the hidden history of the GOP. read

Matt Taibbi on ways that Dubya set stage for Trump. read

Cornel West on why most black politicians are neoliberals. read

Cornel West sees Trump as Neo-fascist in the making. . read

George Lakoff on why Trump is winning. read

Bill Black on the Clinton’s war on IG Watchdogs. read

Sarah Posner on “Trumvangelicals.” read

David Stockman reviews the growing neocon anger at Trump..”At the end of the day, the reason that the neocons are apoplectic is that Trump would restore the 1991 status quo ante.” read

George Lakoff on Trump;s linguistic skills. “It doesn’t matter if you are promoting Trump or attacking Trump, you are helping Trump.” read

Glenn Greenwald: Trump reflects US mainstream. read

Robert Reich’s letter to the Republican Establishment. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Pew looks at religious variations in the Super Tuesday states. read

Barna explores religious differences on candidates. read

Matt Taibbi sees Trump as unstoppable because US elections are just “badly acted TV shows.” read

Heritage Foundation sets pattern for right wing. read

The 10 Jeb! moments of the campaign. watch

Nader: both parties subservient to corporate power. read

Robert Jones (PRRI) explains Trump appeal to “nostalgic” evangelicals (4 min). watch

David Niose: The Democrat’s dilemma. How to deal with corporate power. read

Changing demographics and effects on elections. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Robert Reich on lessons of NH. read

Robert Reich: Sanders wants t sever link between wealth and political power. read

Robert Reich announces death of the Republican Party. read

Thom Hartmann: Americans DO want socialism. read

Marc Priester: Presidential candidates show enormous US inequality. read

Jonathan Haidt’s new book, The Righteous Mind. read

Cornel West for Bernie. read

Robert Reich suggests Obama should appoint Sri Srinivasan to SCOTUS. read

Clintons made over $3.5M in speeches to pro-Israeli organizations. read

Think Progress analysis of the GOP “earthquake.” read

Bill McKibben on establishment pundits and Bernie. “Change comes precisely when you do change hearts — and once that change has come, then the laws and the “allocation of resources,” and the “way systems operate” follow pretty easily.” read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Reich endorses Sanders. read

Majority of white Evangelicals now support Trump. read

Nancy Ammerman on how “religiousness” counts. “There are lots of clues in this poll that “religiousness” lies squarely in the eye of the beholder. read

Thom Hartmann with Jane Mayer on how the Koch brothers radicalized the Right. watch

Bob Burnett on how inequality is at root of Bernie’s campaign. read

Robert Parry rejects Establishment “sanity.” read

Lloyd Blankfein on dangers of Sanders’ positions. read

Garry Leech on the extreme conservatism of Ted Cruz. read

Norman Solomon on media assault on Bernie. read

Robert Koehler mourns that candidates fail in touching the true radicalism of ML King. read

Michael Lerner on his support for Bernie. read

Sarah Lazare: Chomsky sees Sanders’ policies as best. read

Robert Koehler on the issues Bernie has forced to be discussed. read

Nomi Prins on role of money in the election. read

Georgina Kenyon: Agnotology, the spread of ignorance. read

Marc Ash writes s stageplay for Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton. read

Victoria Collins and Ben Ptashnik: Will 2016 elections be electronically rigged? read

Eric Miller: Among conservative Christians, “religious freedom” has now replaced “family values” as political issue. read

Mark Karlin on misogyny in 2016 politics as a backlash to women’s advances. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Thom Hartmann on the myth of bipartisanship. read

Steve Weissman: Hillary embodies US imperialism. read

Matt Taibbi on David Brooks laments for his GOP. read

Robert Reich;s responses to Bernie skeptics. read

Glenn Greenwald on how the Sanders/Corbyn surges affects establishment liberals.—in 7 stages. read

Dave Lindorff: Bernie is a “genuine revolutionary” for attacking Wall Street and the US political system. read

David Schiltz on Obama’s legacy — a weakened party and timidity of reform. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

Gallup: Conservative retain their lead. . read

Mark Karlin on Obama’s failures — changes have come from below, not his administration. read

Jane Mayer’s Dark Money on its effects on democracy, and on Fred Koch’s Nazi source of wealth. read

Barbara Lee on what was left unsaid in SOU (episode 1 of TRNN’s The Real Capitol Hill). watch

Rob Kall on why Sanders could win and his critique of Occupy critics. read

Mark Triffin on the puzzling success of Trump. An Australian view of the descent of the US. “The big irony in the massive decline in the quality of America’s democratic governance over the past two decades is this: it has coincided with a period in which the US has aggressively stepped up its efforts to promote and embed this same system around the world.” read

Dark monies constitute 4 times the candidates’ own fundraising: Nadia Prupis. read

New articles in Human Rights: Issues in 2016 election

CAP: 5 priorities for 2016. read

Gallup: Trump tied with Pope as 2nd most admired man of the year. read

Jim Hiightower: Media ignoring the polls showing Sanders superiority to Trump in election. read

Franklin Graham kicks off his Campaign for God . read

Fear of “terror” has now displaced other electoral issues, typified by Trump. read