Posts below are from May 2012 to January 2013

Gallup shows support for death penalty plateaus in the 60 percents. No religion breakdowns, unfortunately.


David Horowitz. If humanists expect to change this culture, they need to know its variations. Horowitz, liberal-turned-conservative, speaks for a large segment, and his FrontPageMag is an important read. Daniel Greenfield’s recent article on guns and gangs is an interesting example. Progressives regularly complain about the stories the MSM ignores. Here’s a conservative making a similar argument. He blames gangs on Democrats since cities are where democrats get most votes. That’s debatable, of course. But the failures of MSM on reporting US homicides are not.


National Catholic Reporter’s Tom Roberts describes how Camden NJ is our most dangerous city and notes some of the factors that keep this off of MSM’s radars.


Laura Flanders interviews Dean Spade on his new book Normal Lifeand what it says about our most-imprisoned society.


Laura Flanders interviews Eugene Jarecki on the failed drug war.


Muslim cultures and body-search reluctances.


Children playing athletics games and head concussions.


Add Boy Scout leaders to the listings of organizationally protected child abusers.


Noam Chomsky on how we destroyed the Commons.