New articles in Human scourges: racism

Kate Wheeling, A Conversation With the Researcher Behind the Latest Study on Racial Disparities in Police Killings read, Racial Segregation Is Still at the Heart of Chicago’s Ills…And America’s Too read
Georgia police chief apologizing for agency’s role in 1940 lynching read
A.C. Thompson, Are We Entering a New Age of Racism? A Reporter Reflects on the Hate Crime Beat read
Sarah Jones, Elizabeth Warren Lays Down The Law There Will Be No Compromise with Racism and Hate read
Tom Jacobs, The Earnings Gap Between Black and White Men Is Back at Its 1950 Level read
ill V. Mullen, Across the Color Line: Interview with Author of new Du Bois Biography read
Samantha Cooney, Ava DuVernay: ‘I Don’t Have to Approach Film Like a Man Would’ read
Five myths about Frederick Douglass read
Ronald Hall, Who counts as black? read
WEB Du Bois: Retracing His Attempt to Challenge Racism With Data read
Kwame Anthony Appiah’s new book on W.E.B. Du Bois rev. by Nicholas Lemann read
Veteran Congressman Still Pushing for Reparations in a Divided America read
Abayomi Azikiwe, The US Space Program and the Cold War, Historic Role of African American Women read
Matt Agorist, Nat’l Police Union Expects Trump to Bring Back Racial Profiling, Lift Ban on Militarized Police read
Kathleen Sharp, Ava DuVernay’s Activism Takes a Step Forward in the Awards Campaign for ‘13th’ read
Jonathan Zimmerman, Racism Was Served by Silence. Justice Requires Free Speech for All. read
Hana Passen, Ava DuVernay’s ’13th’ and Its Lessons for the Resistance read
Chris Hedges, James Baldwin and the Meaning of Whiteness read
Glenn Greenwald, The Increasingly Unhinged Russia Rhetoric Comes From a Long-Standing U.S. Playbook “FOR ASPIRING JOURNALISTS, historians, or politically engaged citizens, there are few more productive uses of one’s time than randomly reading through , and then ultimately blacklisted from mainstream media outlets for his objections to anti-Russia narratives, Stone created his own bi-monthly newsletter, sustained exclusively by subscriptions, and spent 18 years relentlessly debunking propaganda spewing from the U.S. government and its media partners. read
Breakfast With Chairman Bobby: Local Panther History Revisited read
Nathan Nunn, Understanding the Long-Run Effects of Africa’s Slave Trades read
Dwyer Gunn, Taking Stock of Racial Progress During Obama’s Presidency read
Kim Scipes, Review: Black Subjugation in America (2002) read
Noam Chomsky: White America’s Cruelty to Black People Far Worse Than South Africa (47m) watch
Vinson Cunningham, The Case for Black English read
Sincere Kirabo, Dear White Progressives… read

Rebecca Tuvel, In Defense of Transracialism read

®ogers Brubaker, The Uproar Over ‘Transracialism’ “Ancestry, increasingly understood as mixed, has begun losing its authority over identity. And race and ethnicity, like gender, have come to be understood as something we do, not just something we have…..Todd Gitlin’s devastating observation about the debilitating consequences of the left’s cultural politics — “while the right has been busy taking the White House, the left has been marching on the English department” — dates from the ’90s, but it has lost none of its pertinence. Only now the battle lines are drawn within the cultural left; the English department was conquered long ago. The spectacle of the left devouring its own children — and of emancipatory liberalism turning into its opposite — may read as farce. But in the context of the wider political emergency we face, the obsessively inward focus of the cultural left can also be understood as tragedy.” read

New articles in Human scourges: racism

Nicole Hemmer, “Scientific racism” is on the rise on the right. But it’s been lurking there for years. “Racism, many believe, is a function of ignorance and provincialism, making scholarship its antithesis. But racism is about power and control, and has long been delivered in academic packaging.” read

New articles in Human scourges: racism

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Paul Craig Roberts, Are Americans Racists? read

Eliana Dockterman, Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Expanding the Black Panther Universe with The Crew read

Money Staff, 5 Shocking Statistics That Show the Persistence of Racial Inequality read

Jamil Smith, A Linguist Offers a Brief Immersion in Black English read

Libby Anne , Martin Luther King, Jr., Shape-Shifter read

What Should Reparations for Slavery Entail? read

Travis Gettys, ‘Not true’: Woman admits she made up claims that led to Emmett Till’s brutal lynching read

John Lewis — Love in Action — int. by Krista Tippett read, Racial Divides in Spiritual Practice read
Joel Brown on “Dylann Roof, the Alt-Right, and Violence” read

Cornel West, The radical Martin Luther King we don’t know read, rev. Black Awakening, Class Rebellion read

Ibram X. Kendi, Uncovering the roots of racist ideas in America read

Jeffrey Gurock, Reimagining Twentieth Century Harlem as a Jewish Mecca read

Trent T Gilliss, Albert Einstein’s Essay on Racial Bias in 1946 read

Matt Thompson, Memo to the White House on the Contributions of Frederick Douglass read

Powell’s Staff, Black Lives Matter: Recommended Reading read

New articles in Human scourges: racism

Malcolm Gladwell on “Woodrow Wilson” name at Princeton. read

Kathleen Sharp, Cinematic Justice: The PS Interview With Ava DuVernay read

Michael Schulson, The Islamophobia Election: How “Muslim” Became a Racial Identity read

Mark Joseph Stern, Alabama Secretary of State: Helping More People Vote Would “Cheapen the Work” of Civil Rights Heroes read

Nathan, I am a racist, too read

Lacrosse, Wisconsin mayor acknowledges it was a Sundown Town and plans to issue apology read

Stephanie Llanes, Anti-Black Surveillance Did Not End With COINTELPRO read

New articles in Human scourges: racism

A vision for Black Lives. read

splc, ‘White Lives Matter’ read

Alma Carten, How Racism Has Shaped Welfare Policy in the US Since 1935. read

James Trimarco,, YES! Special Report — Race and Poverty in South. read

Agence Global: Naming America’s Own Genocide. read

Susan Smith Richardson: “Dog Whistle” Is the GOP’s Longtime Political Weapon of Choice. read

Art Swift, Gallup Vault: WWII-Era Support for Japanese Internment. read, National Lawyers Guild Statement of Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against Dakota Access Pipeline. read

Deirdre Fulton, ‘World Watching’ as Tribal Members Put Bodies in Path of Dakota Pipeline. read

Feminist Newswire: Celebrating the Legacy of Thurgood Marshall. read

Martha Blondi, The Radicalism of Black Lives Matter-Three years in, the youth-led movement has the power to transform the left. read

New articles in Human scourges: racism

Chicago’s Freedom Square. read

Lorraine Berry, The way Americans treat Lochte compared to how they treat Gabby Douglas is why Trump is still at 40%. read

Eddie Glaude, Jr. on James Baldwin. “But apart from his marketability—that people can use him as an avatar of supposed seriousness—what does Baldwin offer us in this moment? What does he force us, as Americans, to confront?….For Baldwin, white America needed to shatter the myths that secured its innocence. This required discarding the history that traps us in the categories of race; histories that justify the belief that white people matter more than others.” read

Manisha Sinha on US law viewing people of African descent as fugitives. “But after Reconstruction, it was open season on black people. Lynchings, racist pogroms, and vigilante violence accompanied state repression in the form of convict leasing, debt peonage, segregation, and disfranchisement….As Mahatma Gandhi put it: ‘An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind’. The slain black police officer Montrell Jackson epitomises the nihilism of violence. It is high time, then, to stop making gun ownership the marker of citizenship and to stop making blackness the marker of criminality.” read

New monument (Montgomery Alabama) for victims of lynching. read

Jamila Osman, When We Criminalize Students, It’s African-American Kids Who Suffer the Consequences. “Zero-tolerance policies were intended to curb the war on drugs in the 1980s. More than 30 years later, they’re still being used — and they’re criminalizing black students at a rapid rate.” read

Gallup: Increased recognition of racism. read

Mari Marcel Thekaekara: India’s Caste System Is Alive and Kicking – and Maiming and Killing. read

Claudio Sanchez: Helping college-bound Native Americans. read

Jesmyn Ward’s anthology of poetry in tradition of James Baldwin. read

New articles in Human scourges: racism

Maini Kiai, UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association, on US structural racism. read

New coalition: The Movement for Black Lives. read

Allison Collis Greene int. by Eric Miller: How the myth of “redemptive depression” keeps blacks at margins. read

Henry Giroux on how Trump has revived white supremacy. read

New articles in Human scourges: racism

10-point manifesto of Black Lives Matter. read

Shelley Fisher Fishkin recounts Wounded Knee in the history of US genocides. read

How California profits from poor people of color. read

Paul Lawrie’s new book, Forging a Laboring Race: The African American Worker in the Progressive Imagination , “The “Negro problem” was not a problem at all — it was a solution to the only problem capital has ever recognized: How to get more for less.” . read

Charles Blow reminds of the contuing intersection of class. read

Melissa Harris-Perry’s Revolutionary Suicide Note. read

New articles in Human scourges: racism

Jesse Williams at 2016 BET. read

Courtney Martin: Conversations We Must Have with Our White Children. read

Anthea Butler had been influenced by Bill Jones’ book Is God a White Racist? in 2013 when Trayvon Martin was killed (read) and now is fully derepressed: “I teach the history of American religion and African American religion. I know better than to have hope in this nation to heal its original sin of slavery and racism.” read

Robert Jones, The End of White Christian America. Synopsis. read

Nicholas Kristof (2014) Racial gaps in US and former South Africa. “White Americans may protest that our racial problems are not like South Africa’s. No, but the United States incarcerates a higher proportion of blacks than apartheid South Africa did. In America, the black-white wealth gap today is greater than it was in South Africa in 1970 at the peak of apartheid.

Most troubling, America’s racial wealth gap, pay gap and college education gap have all widened in the last few decades.”read

Beyoncé speaks out. read

Racial wage gap steady for 35 years. read