New articles in Human scourges: racism

Ken Burns new series on Jackie Robinson. read

The new National Truth and Reconciliation Commission. read

Eric Fonder on elections, Reconstruction, and racism (25 min). watch

Michelle Alexander int. by Krista Tippett. read

Goldie Taylor on the “results” of Black Lives Matter. Press coverage. “Unlike in the second wave of the civil rights movement, which began in the 1950s, there is no significant body of legislation so far, no systematic criminal justice system reforms worthy of the name at the state or local level. And there have been no federal prosecutions of police officers who were either not charged or who were given light sentences at the local level in incidences involving an unarmed black victim.” read

Race is central in his works, Ken Burns. watch

Steven Thrasher: Prince refused to live “in a binary.” read

New articles in Human scourges: racism

New study show race trumping class in incarceration for decades. read

Andrés Reséndez new book , The Other Slavery, on Native Americans. read

Angela Davis new book, Freedom is a constant struggle. read

Angélica Dass’s Humanae photo project shows how dayed and useless the typical 4-color sorting of humans really is. watch

Alice Sperry on the criminalization of black girls. read

Tom Jacobs on new research into the effects of alleged “reverse racism.” read

Emma Green: Younger blacks less involved with churches. read

New articles in Human scourges: racism

Michelle Alexander: Congressional unrepresentation in CBC PAC rather than Black Caucus. read

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor int. by William C. Anderson on his new book: From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation. “The political atmosphere in the US has, for years, been dominated by a growing far-right base and a compromising liberal establishment.” read

Claudia Garcia-Rojas int. by by Simone Browne on the “surveillance of blackness.” read