Internal terror attacks from greedy and unrestrained Big $$ increasingly threaten our Republic. The unique dream of the Founders, once envied and copied by many developing nations, is fading. Before the great American Republic appeared on the scene, there had been republics in other times and places, but ours had some special features.


Not every change was good but many of our Republic’s achievements led the way for others such as the abolition of slavery; the right of women to vote and workers to organize; starts toward compensating descendants of slaves and native populations for past mistreatments; a central government that supported safety and health and education as essential to the common good. A unique government no longer dominated by a monarch or a state religion.


Chief among the threats we face today is the increasing power of the unregulated greed of a few—Big $$. An inexcusable redistribution of wealth has occurred. Corporations are now deemed to be people! Legislatures can be bought; media—radio, TV, newspapers—have been reduced to infotainment; public education has been defunded. Even the free Internet we are using here has been threatened with regulation.


We should remember that democratic changes always come from below. Occupy Wall Street, for instance, has forced mass media and legislators to admit and examine wealth inequality and the destruction of the middle class. Republic Under Assault expands upon that activism by making information and possible courses of action more widely available. Can “We the People” take back our rights and once again be a model and inspiration for the rest of the world?


The goal of Republic Under Assault is to enlist large numbers of citizens to think, talk, and act on the areas most in danger from Big $$ today. We welcome your participation, support, and suggestions!





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