New articles in Religion: religion and 2016 election

Ted Cruz: Media mislabelled ne so Trump could be crushed by Hillary. read

James Dobson endorses Trump. read

R. Joseph Hoffmann posted a useful historical essay on Christian ‘fundamentalism’ and ‘evangelicalism’. read

Pew data on religion in current politics. read

Gov. Pence’s evangelicalism and his family’s Irish Catholicism. read

Jack Jenkins: Trump and prosperity gospel supporters. read

New articles in Religion: religion and 2016 election

Bernie on his”spirituality.” (CNN). watch

The theology of Ted Cruz. read

Eduardo Porter on Trump and religion. “the waning place of religion in American politics and the revival of a populism centered more on economic nationalism and white working-class discontent.” read

Christoper Stroop on attempts to explain evangelical support of Trump. read

New articles in Religion: religion and 2016 election

Michael Horton on the appeal of Trump to evangelicals. read

Daniel Miller on why evangelicals can support Trump. “Analysts decrying “politicized religion” fail to recognize that what one group might view as narrowly political and non-religious (or even irreligious) might well be considered a part of religion by another. …Rather, social identity is fluid, changing, emergent, and, perhaps most of all, messy. Individuals living in diverse, multicultural, and heterogeneous societies such as the United States are inevitably confronted with diverse and divergent demands for social identification.” read