Posts below are from May 2012 to January 2013

Paul Krugman again reminds us of the gap between the austerity politicians and the politicians of doom, reminding us of the fact that faith is often strengthened by failed predictions.


More Britons believe in aliens than in god.



Starhawk on witchcraft.


Ignoring role of science happens to correlate strongly with conservative religiosity. Neal Lane points out the key economic role of scientific research (that historically has required and used strong government5 support). “So it is astonishing that Mr. Romney talks about economic growth while planning deep cuts in investment in science, technology and education.


Michelle Harrington on religions, science and circumcision policies.


Excerpts from a new book by Howard Ball, “At Liberty to Die.”


How does/should faith affect social science research? Mark Oppenheimer discusses the controversy over a paper by Mark Regnerus.


Forbes lists the 400 richest citizens. Their net worth grew 13 percent last year. (What recession? This is really redistribution!)


Samuel Freedman’s story on physician Joseph Dutkowsky is an example of how religious faith can block critical questions.


Robert Reich on how Romney is the “living embodiment” of the power and perquisites of the ultra-rich.


Dalai Lama says religion is no longer adequate as the ground for spirituality and ethics.


Austin Cline reviews the ways conservative religions and governments reject intellectualism.