New articles in Science: pseudo-sciences

Mark Cohen fwd. by Sam Harris as critic of Kate Murphy “As scientists our core method is to form a hypothesis, then to devise a test that can controvert it. As data become more extensive, we rely on statistics and probability as a check against overenthusiastic belief in our guesses. Few understand that the science lies in the care that is placed in the theories, rather than in the calculated probabilities. The fMRI literature contains thousands papers with very little prior theoretical basis, substituting instead a post-hoc speculation to explain the statistical findings; bad science, to be sure…..n the end, good scientists are highly critical of every instrument, algorithm, measurement, calibration standard, and analysis program they use.” read

New articles in Science: pseudo-sciences

Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit. read

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Wireless Philosophy: 32 animated videos for critical thinking (2016). watch

Amy Harmon on misconceptions about GMO products. read

Noam Chomsky” Postmodern critiques of science are “oberinfltaed ‘polysyllabic truisms.’” (2013). watch

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Daniel Dennett: 7 tools for critical thinking. (2013). read

F. William Engdahl: Genetically engineered destruction. read