New articles in Wealth inequality: possible corrections

Joachim Hagopian on the distance between the aims of those on power and the citizenry. “Despite the power of the globalists and their robotic minions in government operating as elite’s ruthlessly oppressive authorities, these new technologies will not be stopped.” read

Thom Hartmann reprises the politics of 1800 (corporations vs, We the People) and shows their continuance into present times . read

Sam Ross-Brown on winning the war on poverty. read

Thomas Piketty predicts a coming populist revolution. read

New articles in Wealth inequality: possible corrections

Christos Makridis: Raising minimum age is a flawed solution to reducing inequality. read

Bill Moyer on developing social activism.: George Lakey. read

Robert Reich on Sanders/Trump. “It’s sobering that Gilens and Page’s data come from the period 1981 to 2002, before the Supreme Court opened the floodgates to big money in its “Citizens United” and “McCutcheon” decisions. Their study also predated the advent of super PACs and “dark money,” and even the Wall Street bailout.…If average Americans had a “near-zero” impact on public policy then, their impact is now zero.” read

Part of Minnesota’s business successes comes from rare organizations such as Growth & Justice. read

Bolivia: Juan Quintana sees social movements as essential for lasting change. read

Too Much interview Didier Jacobs on cures for extreme inequality. A critique of alleged Meritocracy. read

Madeline Albright: Reducing inequality is a moral imperative. read

The Coalition on Human Needs latest report. read

David Breeden on humanist economics. read

Robert Reich on the most pragmatic way to fix US democracy. read

New articles in Wealth inequality: possible corrections

Ralph Nader on 12 people who made a difference. read

Dwyer Gunn: GOP “Federalism” won’t solve inequality and poverty. read

Yves Smith on what comes after neoliberal capitalism. read

Ralph Nader on increasing gap between CEO pay and average worker pay. read

Sanders breakup plan supported by Robert Reich. read

Frances Moore Lappé & Adam Eichen: Obama heard us on money in politics. read

Deborah Weinstein: Sharing income gains more broadly could have eliminated poverty by 1985. read

New articles in Wealth inequality: possible corrections

The Zuckerberg gift, Cynthia Peters. “Extreme philanthropy is not the answer to extreme inequality.” read

Milford Bateman: The rise and fall of microcredit. read

Wotan Marom: The power of powerlessness. read

Nelson Schwartz on economists finally convening on inequality. read

Darren Falker focuses the Ford Foundation on worlfwide inequality. read

Paul Krugman: Obama has effectively rolled back the tax cuts for the wealthy of Bush and Reagan. read

New articles in Wealth inequality: possible corrections

Chris Hedges: Revolution will be local. watch

Naked Capitalism: Yves Smith on fights over Fannie and Freddie. read

Danny Katch int. by Mark Karlin on socialism. read

CAP outlines the 7 most progressive victories of 2015. read

Sarah Jaffe: Impending Chicago teachers’ strike aids nationwide movements against racism and inequality. read

Moyers and Winship on Omnibus Bill. “There is an unwritten rule in Congress that before you do even a little for the working class you must do a lot for the donor class.” read