New articles in Foreign Policy: US and Israel

Amy Hass Inside occupied territories (28 min). watch

Judith Bergman defends militant Zionism in FLAME. “And, finally, since according to a 2014 ADL study on Arab Muslim attitudes in the Middle East some 77% of this population holds anti-Semitic attitudes, I’ve been looking for some Muslims willing to roundly condemn those racist beliefs and extol the manifest virtues of the Jews and Jewish culture….Yes, we are smart, we are strong, we have our own state. But there’s no need for us to be stupid. Muslims number 1.6 billion—about 22% of the world’s population. It behooves us to make peace—or reach an accommodation—at least with some of them.” read

New articles in Foreign Policy: US and Israel

Glenn Greenwald. “But few pathologies illustrate that deceit more potently than their utter indifference, and now – in the Hillary Clinton era – outright contempt for the plight of Palestinians and their steadfast subservience to right-wing Israeli nationalism. As Demos’ Sean McElwee put it: “The Democratic platform is now officially to the right of George W. Bush on Palestine.”” read

GOP Platform: Strongest statement for an undivided Holy Land. read

“StopArmingIsrael. read

New articles in Foreign Policy: US and Israel

Israel lobby within British foreign policy. watch

JStreet recalls victory for Iran diplomacy a year ago. Jessica Rosenblum: “We neutralized one of the greatest myths in American politics: That there’s only one way to be pro-Israel, and that’s to stake out hawkish positions and echo the words of hardliners like Prime Minister Netanyahu.” read

Both aprties fail on Isreal, David Harris-Gershon.. read

Jeffrey Hammond on US role in destroying Palestine. read

Philip E Weiss: Israel Firsters are edging toward Trump. read

Zaakir Ahmed Maye on Turkish “treachery” and Israel. Only Iran can help. read