Posts below are from May 2012 to January 2013

Michiko Kakutani reviews Jeffrey Toobin’s new book on the Supreme Court, stressing the conservative agenda and Roberts’ curious role in voting with the liberals on Affordable Health Care  despite a clear Republican judicial agenda for change: “…expand executive power, end racial preferences intended to assist African-Americans, speed up executions, prohibit all forms of gun control, welcome religion into the public sphere, deregulate political campaigns and, above all, reverse Roe v. Wade and allow states to ban abortion.” Toobin agrees with some other court-watchers that this reduction of the role of the Commerce Clause will, in the long run, reverse many liberal precedents.


New Jersey becomes 9th state to oppose Citizens United


Big Oil and Chamber of Commerce suing SEC to protect right to bribe foreign governments.


“Inside Job” Director Charles Ferguson: Where Are the Criminal Prosecutions for Financial



Earlier link was posted with Jeffrey Toobin’s May 21 New Yorker story on the devious ways that Chief Justice Roberts maneuvered this terrible decision.Monika Bauerlein & Clara Jeffery, co-editors of Mother Jones discuss ways to undercut the deplorable impacts of Citizens United united-dark-money


Tax-exempt “social welfare” groups and election monies.


Former senator Judd Gregg argues that Roberts did conservatives a favor. By shifting such measures to the Commerce clause, he gave states more power to opt out of Congressional decrees.


Jonathan Chait explores possible reasons for the Roberts reversal. saves-us-all


George Lakoff and Elizabeth Wehling warn that the Roberts ruling has very dangerous potentials. Roberts single-handedly extended the power of the Court to turn metaphor into law in two conservative directions. Read and remain watchful!


Watch or read while Bill Moyers reminds us that SCOTUS has just refused to reconsider Citizens United


Bill Moyers decries the filibustering of both Disclose bills to help transparency in political support, citinging       previous Republican statements to the contrary.


Senate Republicans filibuster Disclosure Act.