New articles in Foreign Policy: US and Syria

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!Ian Wilkie, Now Mattis Admits There Was No Evidence Assad Used Poison Gas On His People
!Bill Van Auken, US Massacre Of Syrian Troops Threatens To Unleash Wider War
Eva Bartlett, The Terrorism We Support in Syria: A First-hand Account of the Use of Mortars against Civilians read
Mehlaqa Samdani, More And More Civilians Are Being Killed In Our Name. Where Is The Outrage? read

New articles in Foreign Policy: US and Israel

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Daniel Pipes, “Arabs and Muslims Will Never Accept Israel as the Jewish State” Mordechai Kedar, a distinguished specialist of the Middle East, recently published an articlearguing that Israel can never win its neighbors’ acceptance. This conclusion flies directly in the face of the Israel Victory Project I have proposed, which is about gaining precisely that acceptance. So, Kedar’s analysis calls for a reply.“ read
Idan Landau, Another Unnecessary War read
Harry Blain, Israel’s New Admirers: The White Nationalist Right “The Model “Ethno-State”” read
Ramzy Baroud, In Words and Deeds: The Genesis of Israeli Violence read
Palestine News Network, Ex-spy Chief Claims Palestinian Officials Worked With CIA to Wiretap Opponents read
Palestine Occupation 101 Full Documentary Film : Information Clearing House : ICH watch (2006 documentary blocked now on ICH but described read)

New articles in Foreign Policy: US status in world

Global Research News, Selected Articles: The Threat of Nuclear War read
James Petras, Making America Great Through Exploitation, Servitude and Abuse “The moral offenses are in essence economic and social crimes. Sexual abuse is only one aspect of the social dynamics facilitating the increase in inequality and concentration of wealth, which define the practices and values of the American political and economic system The problem is not merely corrupt and perverted individual miscreants: It is the hierarchy of inequality which produces and reproduces an endless supply of vulnerable workers to exploit and abuse.” read
“We are the death merchant of the world”: Ex-Bush official Lawrence Wilkerson condemns military-industrial complex (2016) read
Jon Queally, ‘Bringing Humankind Closer to Annihilation’: World Leaders Denounce Trump’s New Nuclear Posture read
Paul Craig Roberts, Washington Threatens America and the World read
Barry R. Posen, The Rise of Illiberal Hegemony “Although he has indeed laced his speeches with skepticism about Washington’s global role, worries that Trump is an isolationist are out of place against the backdrop of the administration’s accelerating drumbeat for war with North Korea, its growing confrontation with Iran, and its uptick in combat operations worldwide. Indeed, across the portfolio of hard power, the Trump administration’s policies seem, if anything, more ambitious than those of Barack Obama. “ read
Conn Hallinan, A Dangerous Turn in U.S. Foreign Policy read
Lawrence Wilkerson,, I Helped Sell the False Choice of War Once. It’s Happening Again. read
Ben Armbruster, Neocons Call for War Against Iran In Syria After Israeli Strikes read
Jewish Oligarchs,, Why Are We In Afghanistan? read
Margaret Coker and Gardiner Harris, Iraq Wants $88 Billion for Rebuilding. Allies Offer a Fraction of That. read
Juan Cole, Top Ten Signs the US is the Most Corrupt Nation in the World (2018 Edition) read
Don’t Bother… They’re Here :Though it can’t be known when our last Imperial Clown will douse the last lights of The Exceptional Empire and drop the keys in the mailbox for the last failed bank–America is showing clear signs of approaching meltdown.” read
Oumair haque, Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse read
Mike Whitney, Putin: The Man Who Stopped Washington’s Regime Change Rampage read
Veteran Intelligence Professionals, Growing Risk of U.S.-Iran Hostilities – Based on False Pretexts read
Philip Giraldi, Blundering Into Iran read
Tom Engelhardt, The Ultimate Blowback Universe, a Planet Boiling With Unintended Consequence , Remembering Chalmers Johnson and his 2 careers: “Blowback was published in 2000 to next to no notice.,,,,In other words, President Donald Trump has dedicated himself to nailing humanity to a cross of coal.”) read
Juan Cole, Top Ten Signs The US Is The Most Corrupt Nation In The World (2018 Edn.) read

New articles in Foreign Policy: militarism

Nick Turse, Drug Wars, Missing Money, and a Phantom $500 Million read
Medea Benjamin, Congress Keeps Funding a War Machine That the Public Should Divest From read
“We are the death merchant of the world”: Ex-Bush official Lawrence Wilkerson condemns military-industrial complex (2016) read
PHILLIP WALTER WELLMAN, UN report: Fighting left more than 10,000 Afghan civilians dead or injured in 2017 read
Paul Scharre, Why Drones Are Still the Future of War read
Stephanie Savell, The Wars No One Notices Talking to a Demobilized Country “Through the engagement of significant numbers of concerned citizens, the status quo of war making might be reversed, and the rising tide of the U.S. counterterror wars stemmed.
Toward that end, the Costs of War Project will continue to tell whoever will listen what the longest war(s) in U.S. history are costing Americans and others around the world.” read
Andrea Germanos, Urging Peace Talks, Open Letter From Taliban Asks American People to Recognize Total Failure of 16-Year War read
Global Research News, Selected Articles: War and Globalization read, The War That Will Not End rev. Steve Collo’s new book read
William Hartung, How the Arms Lobby is Distorting Our Budget Priorities. watch
William D. Hartung, How the Pentagon Devours the Budget read
Global Research News, Selected Articles: More Wars On the Radar? read

New articles in Foreign Policy: US and North Korea

Christopher Black and Prof. Graeme McQueen, The Genocide Conspiracy Against North Korea: An Open Letter to the International Criminal Court read
!Dave Lindorff, Rep. Gabbard Speaks Truth to Power about the Real Reason North Korea has Nukes read
Gareth Porter, How Cheney and His Allies Created the North Korea Nuclear Missile Crisis read

New articles in Foreign Policy: US and Russia

Paul Craig Roberts, The Russiagate Stakes Are Extreme read
Paul Craig Roberts. Presstitute Media at Wits End To Protect Its 18 Months of Lies About Russiagate read
Michel Chossudovsky, Video: Hollywood’s Pro-Soviet Propaganda vs. The “Russia Probe” read
eff Schechtman, Deutsche Bank: Where the Dots of Russiagate Connect read
Jackson Lears, “Russiagate” as Religion read
FBI agent sent ‘jaw-dropping’ text about no Russia collusion – senator read
‘Convenient accident’: Twitter reacts after FBI ‘lost texts’ between Russia investigation staffers read
Paul Craig Roberts, Here Are All the Facts About Russiagate read
Paul Craig Roberts, Russiagate Has Blown Up In The Face Of Its Originators—the FBI, DOJ, and Hillary read
American Committee for East-West Accord, rec. by Paul Craig Roberts read
Stephen Cohen Explains Putin Objectively read
Oliver Stone Exposes US Coup d’etat In Ukraine read
Ray McGovern, The FBI Hand Behind Russia-gate read

New articles in Foreign Policy: US and Syria

Philip Girald, Why Does Washington Hate Bashar al-Assad? read
NANCY SCOLA, LI ZHOU, ASHLEY GOLD, Tech companies say they didn’t see Russian social media infiltration in 2017 elections read
Rethinking Putin: A Talk by Professor Stephen F. Cohen watch
‘Ukraine on Fire’: Oliver Stone Documentary Finally Available in the West watch
Mike Whitney, Trump’s Plan B for Syria: Occupation and Intimidation read
Jon Queally, Tensions Soar as Syria Decries Open-Ended US Military Presence ‘Act of Aggression’ read
Global Research News, Selected Articles: The Pentagon’s New Syria War Plan read
David P. Goldman, America’s Syrian Humiliation is Worse Than it Looks read

New articles in Foreign Policy: US and Israel

Ron Cantor, Is Replacement Theology a Dangerously Demonic Deception? read
Ronen Bergman, How Arafat Eluded Israel’s Assassination Machine read
Republicans and Democrats Grow Even Further Apart in Views of Israel, Palestinians read
Prime Minister Mossadegh, The Shocking Neocon Plan to Invade Iran, Paid for by Jewish Oligarchs read
Zionism’s Jewish Enemy, Alan Hart Interviews Professor Ilan Pappe, Israel’s leading “new” or “revisionist” historian. watch
Moshé Machover, Facing Serious Damage to its Image, Israel Must Smear its Critics as Anti-Semites read
Norman Finkelstein on the Many Lies Perpetuated About Gaza read
Jewish Oligarchs,, A Look at the Future read
Norman Finkelstein Slams Chuck Schumer for Pushing Trump to Declare Jerusalem Israel’s Capital read
Paul Craig Roberts, Trump’s Foreign Policy Is In Service To Israel read