New articles in Foreign Policy: US status in world

William C. Anderson, Why We Can’t Ignore Libya, Enslavement and the Damages of US Intervention read
Miguel A, Cruz-Diaz, Memento Mori: a Requiem for Puerto Rico read
Alex Devoid, Aid Workers Leave Water for Border Crossers in the Arizona Desert. Now, the US Is Banning Them for It read
Shelley Lee, Selective Compassion: The US Approach to Haitians Hasn’t Changed in Hundreds of Years read
Danielle Marie Mackey, Election Fraud in Honduras Result of Corruption Funded By the U.S. War on Drugs read
Costs of National Seculity : Wars read
Philip Giraldi, Iraq Redux in the Making? US Rhetoric on Iran Brings Back Memories of 2003 read
ICH Editprial: World Beware US Frozen Cold War Mentality read
PressTV-‘US invaded Afghanistan to protect poppy crops’ read
Kaelyn Forde and Conor Finnegan, Democracy ‘Lost’: Rights Groups Warn of More Violence in Honduras as US Recognizes President read
Juan Cole, How Trump could avoid another $7 trillion bill in Mideast: Back off war with Iran read
Naomi Klein and Opal Tometi, Forget Coates vs. West — We All Have a Duty to Confront the Full Reach of U.S. Empire read
Jan Schakowsky, Poor, Abused Honduras; Groped Again read
!Paul Craig Roberts, America’s Collapsing Prestige read
teleSUR; Oxfam: 1,000 Days of US-Backed War Bringing ‘Apocalypse’ in Yemen read
Mark Karlin, Americans Own 42 Percent of the World’s Guns read
STEVE COLL, We Can’t Win in Afghanistan Because We Don’t Know Why We’re There read
Tom Engelhardt, Creating an Empire of Graveyards? read
Paul Craig Roberts; The Stupid Party Remains Stupid read
Global Research News. Selected Articles: US Military Confrontation with Russia and China read
Chris Hedges, You Don’t Need a Telescope to Find a ‘Shithole Country’ read
John Feffer, The U.S. Has Treated Poor Countries Like Shitholes for Decades read
Ruth Conniff, Americans Need To Get Out More read
William Blum, Overthrowing Other People’s Governments read
Nafeez Ahmed, Trump’s State Department Spent Over $1m in Iran to Exploit Unrest read
Julie Ray, World’s Approval of U.S. Leadership Drops to New Low read
Julie Ray, World’s Approval of U.S. Leadership Drops to New Low read
David Swanson, Bury the Monroe Doctrine read
Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, No foreign bases: Challenging the footprint of US empire read
Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi—Message From A Freedom Fighter watch
Finian Cunningham , Because Mr Trump… Your Country Caused These ‘Shitholes’ read
The Responsibility to Protect the World … from the United States By Ajamu Barak read

New articles in Foreign Policy: militarism

Dan Engelke, Trump’s Drone War Is Worse Than We Thought read
Stephen R. Weissman, Congress and War “It is easy to conclude that the U.S. Congress is simply incapable of playing a constructive role in matters of war and peace.” read
Andrew J. Bacevich, Trump’s National Defense Strategy Has the Pentagon Popping Champagne read
Robert L. Borosage, The Pentagon’s Plan for Never-Ending War read
Bill Van Auken, Pentagon Unveils Strategy for Military Confrontation With Russia and China ““Great power competition—not terrorism—is now the primary focus of US national security,” Mattis said” read
Finian Cunningham, US Needs to Kick Cold War Habit and end its Addiction to Militarism read
John Glaser, Why We Should Close America’s Overseas Military Bases read
Why We Must Protect the World from the United States read
Tyler DurdenlmArmy Major: “We’re Killing These Kids, We’re Breaking The Army!” read
Nick Turse, , Deployments Have Done Nothing to Reduce the Threat of Terrorism read
Dominique Mosbergen, Pentagon Reportedly Weighing Using Nukes In Response To ‘Large Cyberattacks’ read
Nicholas Trevino,Goliath Weapons Systems: Interview with Dan Grazier read
Alexander C. Kaufman, Pentagon Drops Climate From National Defense Strategy In Break With Bush-Era Policy read
Global Research News, Selected Articles: War Before Welfare read
David E. Sanger and William J. Broad, Pentagon Suggests Countering Devastating Cyberattacks With Nuclear Arms read
Jacques R. Pauwels, Why America Needs War read
Richard Eskow, Trump’s General Just Announced a New Cold War. Who Will Stop It? read
Patrick Sauer, The Truth Behind ‘A Bright Shining Lie’. Remembering Neil Sheehan’s bppk on VietNam “At a September screening of the Burns-Novick documentary “The Vietnam War,” John Kerry told the audience he never understood the full extent of the anger against the war until he read “A Bright Shining Lie,” which showed him that all the way up the chain of command “people were just putting in gobbledygook information, and lives were being lost based on those lies and those distortions.” “ read
Visual Capitalist, The 10 Companies That Dominate the Global Arms Trade read
Lester Spence, Why Baltimore Doesn’t Heat Its Schools read
Julian Borger, US to loosen nuclear weapons constraints and develop more ‘usable’ warheads read
Philip M. Giraldi, America’s National Defense Is Really Offense “On Friday, the Pentagon released an unclassified summary of the 2018 National Defense Strategy report. On the same day, Secretary of Defense James Mattis delivered prepared remarks relating to the document” read
Daniel Ellsberg on Nuclear War read

New articles in Foreign Policy: US and Israel

Glenn Greenwald, Facebook Says it is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments read
Zarefah Baroud, United States and Israel: Re-evaluating a Toxic Relationship read
Noam Chomsky – Why Does the U.S. Support Israel? watch
Janine Jackson int. Phyllis Bennis: When Was the US Ever an Honest Broker? read
Eric Zuesse, “Russiagate” Is Actually “Israelgate”: Trump as “Agent of Israel”, Not of Russia? read
Global Research News, Selected Articles: The Future of Palestine in the Aftermath of the UN Resol read
Stephen Lendman Explains that even US Vassals Gave Trump the Finger on Jerusalem read
Gideon Levy, Have Israelis Forgotten How To Be Jews? read
Gareth Porter, Israel’s Ploy Selling a Syrian Nuke Strike read
Susie Linfield, Neither Master Nor Subject: Zionism, Empire, and the Balfour Declaration read

New articles in Foreign Policy: militarism

Robert Twigger, The legend of the Legion9French Foreign] read
Graham Allison, Is Nuclear War Inevitable? read
Julia Conley, As 68 Die in One Day of Airstrikes, UN Denounces US-Backed War in Yemen read
Selected Articles: US-North Korea Nuclear War: One Million Deaths on the First Day read
Tatenda Gwaambuka, U.S. Military Massacred Civilians in Somalia read
Robert Alvarez, Nuclear Modernization and Hazardous Cleanup read
Daniel Ellsberg: Americans Have Escaped Self-Annihilation by Luck read
Marc Pilisuk, Imminent Dangers to Humanity: The Social Psychological Factor “Permitting” Nuclear War and Climate Change read
Andre Vltchek, New Year’s Message and Warning from a War Correspondent read
Max Fisher and Amanda Taub, Why That U.F.O. Story Should Make You Worry About Accidental Nuclear War read
‘Slaughterbots’ Film Shows Potential Horrors Of Killer Drones read
Jacqueline Thomsen, Top nuclear commander: I wouldn’t carry out an ‘illegal’ nuclear strike order from Trump read
Paul Craig Roberts, Who Gets to Push the Nuclear Button? read
Alex Ward, Report: The US-led War “Against” ISIS Is Killing 31 Times More Civilians Than Claimed read
Julia Conley, US, European Nations Slammed for ‘Complicity’ as Humanitarian Groups Demand Aid for Yemen read
Azmat Khan and Anand Gopal, The Uncounted. U.S. military officials say the air war against ISIS is the most precise in history. read