New articles in Foreign Policy: torture and assassination

Italian court convicts three CIA officers (in absentia) for kidnapping. (click)

Before heading to prison, whistle-blower John Kiriakou reveals that water-boarding was indeed official CIA policy under the Bush administration. (14 min.) (click)
Military judge condemns blocking reporters from non-confidential parts of Guantanamo hearings. (click)
Glenn Greenwald notes that Obama has abandoned efforts to close Guantanamo and speculates on the meanings. (click)

Charlie Savage discusses who determines the laws of war that should operate in legal proceeding, both military and civilian. (click)

Posts below are from May 2012 to January 2013

Roger Ross Williams’ Sundance documentary on how US evangelicals are financing anti-gay activities in Uganda.


Cora Currier on drone strikes.

UN to investigate targeted killings.


Zero Dark Thirty. If you have seen the film, would you now agree with Michael Moore that the film actually (a) makes torture morally repugnant, and (b) shows that bin Laden was eventually found by detective work?


John Kiriakou. Not a name regularly in the MSM, but he has now been sentenced to 30 months for having been whistle-blower to our torture programs at Gitmo.


Ken Butigan outlines ways to stop drone warfare.


Paul Pillar fears the US is producing an assassination manual.


Matt Taibbi wrestles with <Zero Dark Thirty> and ends up depressed. <We make an incredible movie that celebrates his death – a movie so good it’ll be seen everywhere in the world – and all it does is prove him right about us.>


Read Karen Greenberg on the problems with <Zero Dark Thirty.> But don’t miss the sardonic preface by Tom (Engelhardt).


Ramzi Kassem describes the impact of <Zero Dark Thirty> on false beliefs in addition to torture’s efficacy.


Senator Wyden asks John Brennan if US citizens in the <disposition matrix> are given chance to surrender before being targeted for killing by drones.


David Sirota deftly characterizes the recent “fiscal cliff” as a TV reality show.


Ray McGovern deplores the justifications for torture by the US still being pushed by Jose Rodriguez Jr.


Human rights groups criticize Obama for signing military authorization bill that extends Guantanamo.


Michael Doyle, former Obama adviser, contends that drone program is far more counterproductive than admitted.


Terry McDermott uses the new movie to remind us of the depths to which torturing  has brought the country.


Ellis Rosen and Tom Hayden have produced a cartoon-comment on drones that just might get more citizens becoming disturbed. Enjoy and forward.


ACLU will appeal decision rejecting their FOIA request for materials on targeted killing of US citizens in Yemen.


Michael Wolff describes the mixed opinions on <Zero Dark Thirty> focusing on the false impression that the film will support the widespread idea that torture works.


Glenn Greenwald is appalled that so many fail to realize that drone attacks lead people to hate the US.


Peter Van Buren on our continues violations of international prohibition of torture.


Zero Dark Thirty and the <justifications> of CIA torturing. Read Steven Jonas’s exploration of the issues here. An article to forward and file!


The European court of human rights rules that the CIA tortured a detainee.


A seven-year battle to extricate interrogation files from the Pentagon.


Glenn Greenwald defends himself against critics of his critique of the film <Zero Dark Thirty> — which he contends glorifies the CIA and its torture practices.


Robert Greenwald on drone strikes.


Senate report on CIA interrogations almost complete but will not be immediately public.


Paul Craig Roberts reminds us that Bradley Manning’s actions wre legal as well as moral.


Petraeus asks for more funding for CIA drone fleet.


Our drone program, officially unacknowledged by the CIA. Explore this interactive chart from ProPublica.


A robotic conscience for robot killing machines. Dan Troop reports on research.


Andrew Bacevich, The Golden Age of Special Operations

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Drone attacks multiply anti-US militants


Editors of The Nation denounce Obama’s >kill list<


Glenn Greenwald: Obama redefines militants to avoid causing civilian deaths singleton/


Mark Karlin describes our governmental support and training of torturers. the-us-condoned-cancer-of-torture-continues-to-spread-in-latin-america- including-mexico


Obama’s secret kill list



Replace torturing with targeted killing? This seems to be current US policy. Where does morality fit in? Is this an advance? Or should both be rejected? Tom Junod argues here with Andrew Sullivan, who seem to be approving the new policy.


Read and distribute Conor Friedersdorf’s Atlantic article on how and when we outsourced assassinations to Blackwater


US targeted “kill lists” go back 50 years. Doug Noble gives a careful history. Why have we ignored/tolerated this?


William Saletan wonders why large-scale killings are terrorism while successful assassinations are not. ssination_.html


Valerie Plame Wilson, who should know, discusses the flap around the new book on the bin Laden assassination. “If you offer the public a true story that is at odds with what the government wants you to know, they will stop at nothing to destroy you, your reputation, and the reputations of the people around you.”


Editors of The Nation denounce Obama’s “kill list.”


Latest Human Rights Watch report documents our continued use of torture in the Libyan intervention.


Alfred McCoy deplores the normalization of torture by two administrations


US torturing does have results, but this is one about which you will hear little

School of America Watch

National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Center for Constitutional Rights

Human Rights Watch on Gitmo’s 10th anniversary

Protest demonstration by coalition