New articles in Science: human environment degradation and climate change

Tom Friedman reviews Anne-Marie Slaughter’s new study on the interrelationships of climatic and political changes. (click)

Van Jones details the implications of the Keystone XL – and the State Department report sees no ill effects. (click)

Paul Rosenberg summarizes some recent studies suggesting that “moral purity” might be a quality that brings some conservatives over to the environmentalist side. (click)

New articles in Science: human environment degradation and climate change

Watch the largest glacier-calving ever filmed. (4 min.) ()
An exciting approach to teaching even the youngest about the importance of preserving our environment. (click)
Roy Morrison calls for a movement of Global Climate Justice. (click)
Strong nonviolent White House demonstration against Keystone pipeline now involves Sierra Club support.(click)
Transocean convicted in Gulf of Mexico spill. (click)

Posts below are from May 2012 to January 2013

Bernie Sanders on “polluter welfare.”


Chris Hedges reflects on the few ways that remain to slow the death of our planet and its living things.


Colorado Springs fires: conservative theology vs. the free market.


Watch Polly Higgins make the case for international law against >ecocide<

Chris Mooney on the Republican brain

Julie Ingersoll on Santorum’s anti–environmentalism

Bill Walker on how creationism helps deny climate change

Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline

NCSE will monitor schools making climate change >controversial<

Networks ignored climate change in 2011

Oil & gas industries warn Obama

Cornwall Alliance: Evangelical Declaration on Global Warming

Per Forum-deep partisan divide over global warming